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Christmas 2008 Face Cloth Gift Sets
April 2008
December 2008
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Christmas 2008 Face Cloth Gift Sets
Double Bump Dishcloth by Missy Angus
Needles & yarn
US 7 - 4.5 mm

Patterns include The Double Bump (the best size filler ever!), Starfish Cloth, Grandma’s Favorite, Baby Genius Burp Cloth, Chinese Waves, Ballband, Garterlac, 4 corners, Mighty Mitar, The Squidge, Seed Stitch, Double Moss Stitch, and whatever the heck else I could find that I could do while watching tv. Used any kind of cotton yarn I could get my hands on that soaked stuff up.

Had a lot of fun matching these up in sets of 3 and putting them together with these little rubber duckies. Even dog and cat duckies! Got a great deal at the outlet mall on Bath and Body Works soaps last summer. Put these in those Holiday Chinese food boxes as wrapping. Ok - so cute I almost pewked.

Let’s hope I still have friends after they see the knitted stuff I am making them use again.

Even had some sweet Mini cards made (thanks for the idea O!) that have pix of knitting stuff and on the back they say:

“hand knitted for you on missy’s sticks. seriously, this took a long time … use it.”

I’m even bossy while gift giving.

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April 2008
December 2008
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