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February 9 2013
May 6 2013
Project info
Burrard: Nancy
Burrard by Glenna C.
Needles & yarn
US 5 - 3.75 mm
US 6 - 4.0 mm
Cocoa colored wool from her sheep

I am so happy with how this turned out--and so is the friend who paid me to knit it for her. I see one for myself in the future. “Gertrude” my dress form doesn’t quite dial out to the correct measurements, but it fits Nancy like a glove.

4-30 I just barely made my “finish in April” goal! That said, the antler slices I purchased to turn into buttons have gone missing. SO, technically I am not finished yet, but the needles and project bag can be packed away.

4-20 Now that I’m at the neck and arm decreases I’m wishing I had worked both fronts at the same time. I know I finagled the decreased to keep the cable twist intact, but I didn’t do it as well on the second front and had to rip back both sides to the arm pit and work back up together. Turned out beautifully.

4-18 The right front is finished and I’m a good way into the left front. The antler slices that I ordered from ebay arrived and I’ll be drilling the hole to turn them into buttons this week. I showed what I have done thus far to my customer and she is thrilled. Unfortunatly, the sheep who provided the lighter wool for this 2-sheep blend died over the winter. I’m getting caught up on a lot of my favorite TV shows on Hulu with this project ;-)

4-8 Bound off the back today and got started on the right front. I’m getting my mom’s blocking boards and wires tomorrow so I can block the back and make sure this yarn is really going to do what it should do! Looking forward to bringing it to Knit Night to show off tomorrow as well.

3-7 Both sleeves are done and I’ve had the back cast on for a few days now. However, I’ve had to dive into the notes and comments of other Burrard knitters to solve some of my confusions. Mostly, why the start of my Chart C cable looked nothing like the photo. Another knitter suggested going from the ribbing into row 5 of the chart, but I still wasn’t satisfied with how that looked. I wanted the cables to flow from the ribbing, just like in the picture. Here’s the solution I created:
From the ribbing, as directed to Chart C. At Chart C, start on row 3 (RS) and knit as written. On WS, knit Chart C row 4 as written. On Chart C row 5, P6, T4B, K6 (do not do the C4B), T4F, P6.

2-9 A dear friend had the fleece from her two sheep spun into yarn. She has commissioned me to knit her a sweater and this is the one we have selected. I fear I will fall in love with it and not want to give it up when it is done!

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February 9 2013
May 6 2013
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