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Polly Puffin
June 13 2017
June 18 2017
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Polly Puffin
Huffin' Puffin by Amanda Berry
Needles & yarn
US 5 - 3.75 mm
Cascade Yarns® Cascade 220®

I chose to start sewing on the eyes when the puffin was flat and the wings when the puffin was only partially stuffed. This made managing the yarn ends easier to do and allowed me to use doll safety eyes.

The instructions are written in a very detailed way, but I was still confused by how to sew on the wings until I realized they are mostly horizontal with a slight angle and not vertical like I was trying to make them.

I heavily modified the Viking helmet from the Erik pattern to make one that would fit and incorporated 3-stitch bobbles. If I were to do it again, I’d add a couple more rows to make the helmet a bit bigger and maybe decrease the center garter panel down to 5 sts.

CO 51 sts in gray
R1-3: knit
R4: k4, p18, k7, p18, k4
R5: k25, MB, k25
R6: k4, p18, k7, p18, k4
R7: k7, k2tog, k3 x3, k7, k3, k2togx3, k7
R8: k4, p15, k7, p15, k4
R9: k4, k2tog k2 x3, k2tog, k9, k2tog, k2 x3, k2tog, k4
R10: k4, p11, k7, p11, k7
R11: k4, k2tog, k1x3, k2 tog, k3, MB, k3, k2tog, k1x3, k2 tog
R12: k4, p7, k7, p7, k4
R13, k4, k2tog x4, k5, ask, k2tog x3, k4
R14: k4, p3, k5, p3, k4
R15: k3, ssk, k1, k2tog, k5, ssk, k1, k2tog, k3
R16: knit
R17: k2tog x4, mb, k2tog x4
Pull through to cast off

CO 13 sts in gray
R1: purl (right side)
R2: knit
Switch to white
R3: k1, k2tog , k2x3
R4-7: Continue with rows 3-6 of helmet horns of Erik pattern
R8: p2tog x2
Pull through to cast off

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June 13 2017
June 18 2017
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100% Wool
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