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Gautier's Ziggurat
September 11 2016
October 9 2016
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Gautier's Ziggurat
Simple Ziggurat by Åsa Tricosa
42 or 44
Needles & yarn
US 4 - 3.5 mm
23 stitches and 32 rows
1,533 yards = 8.5 skeins
Dale Garn Baby Ull
451 yards in stash
6.5 skeins = 1172.6 yards (1072.2 meters), 325 grams
Dale Garn Baby Ull
181 yards in stash
2 skeins = 360.8 yards (329.9 meters), 100 grams

11/09: I’m going to adapt the simple ziggurat to make a sweater for my husband, so I’ll make a smaller colar opening, no bust and waist shaping and I’m going to add some color work to it…
I casted on the number of sts for his size, but after completing steps 1 to 5, I’m not sure that I don’t need to knit one size above for these steps… Let’s sleep on it and decide tomorrow.

12/09: After a less than good night of sleep I measured the width of the shoulder and decided to unravel it all and to knit it again with a bigger size (44 instead of 42)… I’m back to step 5. It should fit him better now.
Now it’ knitted up to step 6. I’ll begin step 7 tomorrow with the colorwork.

13/09: I reached the step 7 today and begun the colorwork. it will be slow because I still knit back and forth for the future zipper placement in the collar. Still 32 rows of the chart to work… Tomorrow…

14/09: I reached the separation of the sleeves from the body… Good progression for 3 days of knitting.

15/09: the sleeves are separated and I’ve finish the colorwork, now it’s straight down to the bottom…

19/09: after 3 days of straight knitting, I’m nearing the bottom. I added some short rows shaping in the back to prevent the back to be too short when sat. Tomorrow I’ll knit the little part in colorwork before knitting the bottom ribbing.

20/09: the last colorwork of the boddy is done, just the botton ribbing to knit…

21/09: bottom ribbing done.

28/09: after 1 week of interuption due to sickness, I’m back knitting this sweater. I’ve begun the first sleeve. In fact the sleeve is more than halfway done…

29/09: sleeve nearly done. I need my husband to measure the length on him…

30/09: first sleeve done. For the sleeves, I had 92 sts when I begun. I only did 3 decreases from the underarm to the elbow. Then I decreased every 4th row to just above the last colorwork. I decreased to 56 sts. I then knitted the colorwrk followed by the 1x1 ribbing in smaller needles.

01/10: second sleeve under way… half way done…

02/10: second sleeve done. Now the last part is the collar…

03/10: I begun the collar. I’m making a double sided collar using Asa Tricosa’s method for lined hem & brim. The inside is dark grey and the outside light grey. The inside is knitted and the outside underway… I’ll finish it tomorrow.

04/10: the collar is done I just need to block it and then to stitch a zipper…

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September 11 2016
October 9 2016
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