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July 19 2012
August 14 2012
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parisian detour
Dinner in the Eiffel Tower Shawl by Jessie Dodington
gave to my mom ~ surprise!!
behindtheyarn on ravelry
laceweight ~ modified
Needles & yarn
US 6 - 4.0 mm
madelinetosh Prairie
1 skein = 840.0 yards (768.1 meters), 114 grams
Churchmouse Yarns & Teas in Bainbridge Island, Washington
December 4, 2011


(1-27-13 ~ my mom sent me the pic of her wearing the shawl today so I could see that she really does wear it ~ I think it’s off her phone so it’s a little grainy but she’s lovely anyway!)

modified and added sections for my laceweight yarn ~ here’s what I did (please note that my notes may not apply to the corrected version of the pattern!):

Part 1: eyelets ~ did as written

Part 2: lattice ~ did as written

Part 3: eyelets with increase row ~ did as written (make sure NOT to add a WS Row 16 since next section starts with a WS row!!)

Part 4: ridges ~ I modified this section ~ pattern calls for 5 total repeats…I did 7 repeats which added 8 total extra rows (I did not add more since using EZ’s increase method on circular shawls I figured the next increase row needed to be in 3 more rows which works perfectly with next section since there’s an increase row on Row 3 of Part 5)

Part 5: eyelets with increase row ~ I did as written BUT be careful since it says ‘same as Part 3’ but in Part 3 you do not do a WS Row 16 but this time you DO since Part 6 starts on a RS row ~ follow me?

Part 6: lattice ~ I modified this section since I widened Part 4 ridges section ~ I wanted this section to be similar in width so instead of 2 repeats I did Row 1 through Row 8 THREE times and then Row 1 through Row 4 ONCE MORE (for a total of 3 1/2 repeats)

Part 7: small glitch in pattern! you need an EVEN # OF STITCHES for this section but you end Part 6 with 265st so on Row 1 I did: k2, m1, knit to end 266st ~~~ I also MODIFIED this section to make it wider: I did Row 1 through Row 4 ONCE and then I did Row 5 through Row 12 TWICE (I made Row 12 a WS purl row instead of a knit row!) ~ I did not do Rows 13, 14 and 15

Garter Border: MODIFIED ~
8 rows of garter, then
one row of eyelets ~ k2, (yo,k2tog) to last 2 st, k2
followed by 3 rows of garter

Bind off ~ I used my favorite stretchy cast off
k1, k1, move both st back to left needle, k2tog through back loop, (k1, move both st on right needle to left needle and k2tog through back loop) to end

Unblocked: 36” wingspan & 14” depth (I tried to pull it more towards a crescent shape since I’m not totally won over by the half circle shawl)

Blocked: 57 1/2” wingspan & 22” depth (it will relax when I unpin it I’m pretty sure)

Yardage: best guess (I don’t have a scale) ~ I think I used about 3/4 of the hank so maybe 630 yds??

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

decided to meet lightbeam in Paris before our July 31st date in London

we thought it would be a fun place to hang out until we arrive at our final European destination :)

pattern notes:

  • this pattern is really well written and easy to follow!! good job, Jessie!!

  • I chose US6 needles since I loved how this yarn knit up on this project and really bloomed when blocked

  • here’s a really good link for p2togtbl if you’ve never done it before ~ I needed help the 1st time!

  • just realizing that I am going to add sections to make this laceweight version big enough, I pulled out my copies of EZ’s Knitter’s Almanac and Knitting Workshop and she’s made the extra circular increases easy as pi (ha!)…now just need to figure out where I want to place them ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Parisian photos are courtesy of my niece M’Lis who was lucky enough to travel to France during high school and who was so wonderful to have duplicates made of all the photos she took and let me take some of my favorites home. I didn’t know what I would ever do with them but they’re perfect for this project. Top to bottom - Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, St Paul and M’Lis enjoying Creme Brulee…in FRANCE!

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July 19 2012
August 14 2012
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