Amanda M. Williams

Patterns available as Ravelry Downloads

Knitting: Shawl / Wrap
This pattern is a based on a fractal, a self similar repeating pattern. In this case I was inspired by Sierpinski’s gasket which has triangles within triangles ad infinitum.  Once you sense the rhythm of the pattern you realize you may enlarge the design to as big as you wish with yarn as fine as you wish. This pattern is worked from a chart wh...
Knitting: Doily
This is pattern from the October 2010 Phat Fiber Sample box. The theme that month was Steampunk. This can be used as a handkerchief, doily, veil, or if you knit it up in a kitchen cotton it can even be a dishcloth.
Knitting: Knee-highs
Clois-tered: Noun kloi-sterd
Knitting: Cleaning - Other
I like to use a chalkboard to keep track of tasks and grocery list and other odds and ends in the kitchen. I needed an eraser and came up with this little goody. You can make it in colors to coordinate with your dishcloths or other décor.
Knitting: Neck / Torso - Other
I have to admit, I’m not a big fan of scarves. I like them just fine once they’re done but the making of them can be tedious. This neckwarmer provides the same snug warmth with less yarn than a scarf and the knitting is varied to keep you interested. I’ve named it Impressions because the colors in this lovely yarn reminded me of Monet’s Water L...
Knitting: Tote
Summer! Everything about summer should be relaxed and easy. Just grab your purse and head out into the sunshine. This fun purse looks like complicated colorwork but is actually a simple slipstitch pattern. It calls for Sugar ‘n’ Cream for the yarn. Nothing complicated, nothing fussy, just fun.
Knitting: Underwear
David Roth was at Rhinebeck where Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, the Yarn Harlot, persuaded him to buy a big cone of merino yarn. “It’ll make awesome kilt hose!” she said. It was only later that he realized how scratchy the stuff was. He created for her this instrument of righteous revenge. You may wish to create it in something soft and lovely instead.
Crochet: Softies - Other
Knitting: Hats - Other
The corners on this hat poke up or hang down to look like ears--hence the name EarHat. The flames motif folds up over ribbing for a snug fit. The extra layers of knitting in that area sit right over your ears to keep them nice and warm.
Crochet: Cup / Mug
This crocheted coffee cup wrap will introduce the basic crochet stitches and make something you can actually use. The pattern does not give instructions on how to create the stitches. Please see any of the great internet resources for that information.
Knitting: Cup / Mug
This is a very simple beginner pattern. It’s a good choice for a first project. This does not include directions for making the stitches. Please see any of the great internet sources for those instructions.
Knitting: Beanie, Toque
Let’s face it, elves work hard this time of year. They need a little something to make them feel special, to remind them of the forests where they should be frolicking, instead of slaving away in some arctic sweatshop. This hat is just the ticket. It’s shaped like those pines where they build tree houses. The edges curl up just like the toes on...
Knitting: Fingerless Gloves
This pattern is also offered in combination with the matching headband here.
Knitting: Headband
This pattern has the same items as in the Impressions Fingerless Gloves and Impressions Headband. This pattern offers both at a lower price than purchasing them seperately.
Knitting: Headband
This headband is designed to go with the Impressions Fingerless Gloves. It is also offered in combination with those gloves here.
Crochet: Bag - Other
This crocheted pumpkin or Jack O’Lantern is just the thing for Halloween. You can make it to hold the candy to give to goblins and ghoulies or your own little trick-or-treater can use it to hold their loot. Try different yarns for different sizes, or try felting one made from wool. The sophisticated pumpkin is shown in Lamb’s Pride Bulky, while...
Knitting: Headband
Knitting: Muff
Frivolous accessories—they somehow transport me back to when I was a little girl. That was back when I desperately wanted to carry a purse, but had nothing to put in it. So I would scrounge up a couple pennies, a piece of gum and the comb I used on your dolls’ hair. This muff brings back that innocence—those days of reading the Little House boo...
Knitting: Legwarmers
These leg warmers are just the ticket as summer cools to fall. It’s not quite cold enough for tights, and when the sun peeks it’s so warm that even heavy socks are too much. These legwarmers come off in a flash, and when they’re on, they have a fun flash of embroidery at the ankle.
Knitting: Purse
This fun purse will carry you and your gear through the upcoming cooling Autumn months. The sides are knit in the round from the center out. The leaf design is a basic lace patter and the strap is created from a colorwork cable with bobbles. The purse is assembled using Single crochet
Crochet: Containers
With apologies to Brenda Dayne--Put on your pointy hat, it’s time to cast spells….
Knitting: Headband
I was inspired to create some accessories that reflected the beauty of an autumn garden. The flowers have faded to make way for the mellow colors of fall. All that remains are the turning leaves and the vines and branches that support them. Holding the promise of rebirth in the spring.
Knitting: Cup / Mug
Knitting: Fingerless Gloves
This pattern calls for 1 110yd skien of each color. There will be yarn left at the end.
Knitting: Cardigan
Knitting: Bath Mitt
Knitting: Hats - Other
Who says trees get to have all the fun? When the weather gets colder, I like to put something fun on top of me too. This cute holiday topper was inspired by a vintage hat I saw a few years back. I love the way it perches right on the back of your head. It makes me feel perky and it seems to make other people smile too. Silly fun will do that, w...