Brooks Jones

Patterns available as Ravelry Downloads

Knitting: Hats - Other
This hat was created for my oldest daughter’s fourth birthday. Doesn’t everyone want to feel like royalty--if only for one day?
Knitting: Hanging Ornament
This pattern was created one year when I had no money to
Knitting: Electronics Cozy
Sometimes at my ‘real job’ I wear clothes that don’t have pockets, but I still need to have my mobile phone close enough to me so that I can feel it vibrate during a meeting. This little pouch stays hidden under a jacket, and doesn’t add bulk. Choose feminine pink, or wild self-striping colors that only you will know are there. Enjoy!
Knitting: Mid-calf Socks
This is a basic sock pattern that can be used to make socks of varying size on varying stitch counts. Fill-in-the-blank instruction sheets are supplemented with a comprehensive table giving stitch number, arrangement on the needles and suggested # of rows at 20 points.
Knitting: Beanie, Toque
This pattern is available as a pdf here.
Knitting: Tote
Direct PDF file download is available.
Knitting: Purse
This bag brings to mind images of a woodsy clearing, with moss and lichen-covered rocks and lush greenery all around. The cable panels are an exciting next step for the beginner who has just learned how to use the cable needle, and the soft cotton makes the knitting fun.
Knitting: Purse
Knitting: Drawstring Bag
Pattern now available as a free Ravelry download!
Knitting: Christmas Stocking
Donner was designed to teach beginners the basics of sock construction and to beat the formidable second sock-
Knitting: Scarf
My husband placed a scarf order back in 2004 and Shire is the result. Besides the fact that my husband is an ardent
Knitting: Drawstring Bag
Direct download of PDF file ia available here.
Knitting: Beanie, Toque
This easy little hat is best worn by someone who has (or needs) a little spunk. It manages to mold to and flatter the head of its wearer—and the little I-cord “zipple” up top acts as an exclamation point instead of mere decoration. Most of the hat is constructed in garter stitch knit in the round (yes, you will have to purl! horrors!), then a p...
Knitting: Tote
Direct download of PDF file is available by clicking here.