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A series of 4 striking double-knit scarves

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Knitting: Scarf
Shortly after I published my Felis Hattus pattern, a colleague got in touch with me to see if I’d be interested in contributing a couple of “craftivism” related patterns to a new book she was planning. I got thinking about other concepts and this one came up. The book offer didn’t pan out, but the concept was such a good one that I decided to m...
Knitting: Hats - Other
This hat uses double-knitting in a unique way, to create a single-layer fabric reminiscent of intarsia in the round (but without the same headaches that can come with that technique).
Knitting: Cowl
This deceptively simple pattern is a great introduction to double-knitting for those who haven’t tried it before. Each repeat of the pattern has only 2 color changes, so there’s very little to keep track of as you work. The color changes move subtly to trace a pattern of sine waves running up the cowl’s sides. Each side has the same motif, but ...
Knitting: Scarf
This is a joint venture between Alasdair Post-Quinn and Kieran Foley.
Knitting: Cowl
From the pattern:
Knitting: Cowl
With this stunning double knit cowl, you can drape your neck with the statuesque beauty of trees in Winter. This is truly a double-duty project; fully reversible, you can evoke the beauty of day or night, depending on which side you wear out. And knit in our wonderfully soft BFL/silk blend, you will have a project with the warmth of wool and th...
Knitting: Scarf
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Knitting: Scarf
This is a keyhole scarf with a motif of falling maple leaves done in double-knitting down the middle, and a short-row double-stranded ruffle on the sides.
Knitting: Cowl, Cuffs, Headband
This pattern was originally designed for inclusion in my Craftsy class entitled “Adventures in Double-Knitting”. I ended up recharting it without the grapes for the class, but since I showed it with the grapes in the intro video, people have been clamoring for me to release the version with the grapes. So I’ve reworked the charts in a similar f...
Knitting: Scarf
This is the first and lowest-resolution of my “Parallax” series of double-knit accoutrements, which are based on the warped-checkerboard style used by some Op-Art artists in the 1960s. This type of motif has been used often in weaving but not very much, as far as I have found, in knitting -- probably due to the long floats and/or complex twisti...
Knitting: Scarf
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Knitting: Baby Blanket
This pattern has been replaced in the 2018 revision of Extreme Double-knitting with a pattern called Sierpinski L5. Because this is still a good pattern and is no longer included in a book, I have re-released it as a standalone pattern.
Knitting: Beanie, Toque
Note: For now, the standalone version of this pattern is still the original revision as published in 2010. If you buy this version, you will get an automatic update to the new version (currently only in the 2018 printing of Extreme Double-knitting) when I have time to update the pattern. Thanks for your patience.
Knitting: Scarf
This was the very first double-knitting project I designed and started knitting. It was also the first pattern I released, and it has been available for free on Ravelry ever since. I credit that fact partially for its popularity, but I’d like to think that the pattern’s simplicity and classic look is also responsible. Corvus is a very elegant a...