Janis Cortese

Patterns available as Ravelry Downloads

Knitting: Beret, Tam, Beanie, Toque
This pattern is very, very easily adapted to any head size, any needle size, and any yarn weight.
Knitting: Afghan block
Show your support for hockey and Philadelphia’s own Broad Street Bullies with this garter stitch motif, great for a bedspread, a game lapghan, a pillow, the front or back of a sweater, or a scarf!
Knitting: Chart
Goes along with the Flyers Logo chart for all you Broad Street hockey fans who would like to use these and the Philadelphia Flyers Garter Stitch Square chart to make a blanket, scarf, or game lapghan to commemorate the Flyers whose general all-around fabulosity :-) have made them worthy of jersey retirement.
Crochet: Stitch pattern
This pattern came about as a result of this thread, which I figured out from the photo linked in the first post. It would make a great afghan in DK-or-heavier yarn, and this sample that I’m working up in fingering is going to be a nice scarf. Done widthways, it’d be a nice stole.
Knitting: Scarf
A knitted riff off of the wonderful Boteh Scarf pattern. If you like this one, definitely check out that pattern. It’s available for about $5 and completely worth it. :-)