Jaycee Hosier

Patterns available as Ravelry Downloads

Knitting: Mittens, Stocking
Knitting: Legwarmers
Basic Tapered Warmers can be legwarmers or mitts.
Knitting: Boot Cuffs / Toppers
These versatile cuffs can be warn as short legwarmers, or as boot cuffs. They work upside-down, or put them on inside out and flip them over your boots.
Knitting: Washcloth / Dishcloth
At the guage this pattern is written, it will make an approximate square, about the size of a spread adult hand. To enlargen, go up in needle sizes, and possibly use a double-strand of yarn.
Knitting: Coffee / Tea Pot
Teakini is the new summer-wear for your teapot! Made for a 6-cup teapot that is 21” diameter and only 4.5” tall. However, the pattern is very adaptable for taller or more spherical teapots.
Crochet: Purse
The whimsy of this purse is perfect for all ages!
Crochet: Drawstring Bag, Food Cozy
This lovely little drawstring purse can double as a cozy place to keep your favorite teabags or chocolate stash. Crochet this teapot from a soft fiber or acrylic for a purse, or use wool or alpaca blend and full it to stand on its own.