Ashley Yousling

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Knitting: Mittens
These mitts came to life like many others have, out of need for a new pair for one of my boys. They were inspired by the woods around us, for the love of fungi and for the Fall that turns both of these things into something quite magical. -Ashley
Knitting: Mittens
A few updates have been made to accommodate feedback on some of the sizes running too small. The pattern now includes a size chart, additional size (2/3) and added length in thumbs and hand.
Knitting: Bonnet
I first created this little hat in anticipation of the birth of my son, who came in the cooler months in the PNW. He quickly outgrew it and while I made others for family and friends, the original hat sat on a shelf, waiting for its pattern to be written and shared. A simple project that can be made for your babes as they grow, and a quick enou...
Knitting: Vest
Vests are one of the most versatile pieces of any wardrobe, and in almost any climate. We all know the value in layering and with little ones and their fluctuating temperatures, it’s so nice to have a simple handknit to layer with. My son Coltrane, has a particular affinity for vests, easy on, easy off. I designed this piece while on one of our...
Knitting: Animal Toy
Meet Beau the bunny. A cuddly pal and a bit of a mischief maker. Every Spring he puts on his finest bowtie, throws an Easter soirée for his friends in his garden and eats to his heart’s delight.
Knitting: Beanie, Toque
Meet Prairie Grass. A hat that fulfills a need for warmth and a desire for non-traditional, uniform decrease patterns. Inspired by cold Idaho winters and the prairie grasses in Northern California, both places we call home.
Knitting: Animal Toy
Meet Winston the Walrus. A sailor by trade, and cozy friend by calling. Every Summer he goes on holiday, traveling from the Bering Sea to the Chukchi Sea, eating as much clam chowder as he can get his fins on. As a native to Alaska, he never forgets his cap or his pipe.