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eBook : 4 patterns

The patterns in this booklet pay homage to one of my favorite flowers, the poinsettia. I see one of those red beauties and I am instantly transported to December, a time of year where we celebrate our family and friends, take time to share a meal or two with our loved ones, swap stories and laughter and talk about what the future has in store. It is also a time where we decorate our homes with touches of the season, bake amazing confections, sing along to Christmas carols we learned as children and bathe in the glow of Christmas lights as we travel around our cities and towns after the sun has set. It is just such a magical time of year and all I have to do is glance at a poinsettia flower and I’m there.

Patterns available as Ravelry Downloads

Crochet: Hanging Ornament
Here’s a lovely little avocado motif crocheted from thread. The motif itself would make a wonderful Christmas ornament, a fun brooch, applique or even a little knick knack to adorn the wall of the kitchen.
Crochet: Animal Toy
Crochet: Applique / Embellishment
This pattern includes four different bugs: Red Worms; Cock-A-Roaches; Black Widow Spiders; and Maggots in 3D! All are crocheted appliques. Pattern is suitable for beginners.
Crochet: Brimmed Hat
This is a quick crochet in materials fit for the summer heat. You can literally make a hat in an evening (okay, maybe 2 evenings). Not only is this a satisfying crochet, it’s addictive. Soon, you will be planning a plethora of color variations!
Crochet: Softies - Other
Download pattern file directly: Eyeball with Nerve Endings.
Crochet: Shawl / Wrap
I chose to use 22 colors in this shawl. I bought one ball of each color. Needless to say I had yarn left over, but it was worth it!
Crochet: Animal Toy
Crochet: Chart
This document is just a chart. No instructions included. The chart can be used for knitting, crochet or cross-stitch.
Crochet: Hanging Ornament
Here’s a fun little ornament that can be hung on the wall of your kitchen, next to the fridge or as a decoration for your food themed Christmas tree! There is also an applique version in the pattern which can be sewn to your favorite tote bag or jacket. It’s all about showing your love for pizza!
Crochet: Applique / Embellishment
I was so inspired after my trip to South Florida and Everglades National Park, that I just had to design a sea turtle applique/motif to commemorate the journey!
Crochet: Applique / Embellishment
Although I have listed gauge for this pattern in thread, the motif can be worked up in literally any weight yarn with corresponding hook. Finished fabric should be relatively tight. So, if you work loosely, size your hook down accordingly.
Crochet: Decorative - Other
Crochet a lovely heart from thread to be used on a handmade valentine, or perhaps a brooch or even as an applique for your favorite scarf, hat or sweater. Literally, the sky’s the limit!