Attitude Adjustment Mug

Behold - the wondrous and amazing Attitude Adjustment Mug!

The word “disagree” magically turns to “agree” when the mug is filled with coffee, tea, or your hot beverage of choice. The Ravelry logo is printed on the reverse side. Small Bob is not included! <p>Huge thanks to illiane and theyokleys for suggesting the magic mugs!

This is a pretty standard white coffee mug. It holds 1 1/4 cups of liquid (10 ounces) when filled all the way up. It measures about 3.75” high and 10” around. Shipping is a bit pricey on this one because it weighs just over 16 ounces when packed.

Because of the disappearing ink, it is not microwave safe and hand washing is recommended - microwaving or heating above 170° F will ruin the disappearing ink.

The printer, Extra Mile, donates a portion of their profits (generally 5 - 10%) to Heifer International.

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