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over 9 years ago

I love this.
I actually won it from Casey when the “Great Button Tragedy of ‘09” was going on.
It’s well made, it’s fun, and so cool!
5 stars! :-)

over 9 years ago


over 9 years ago

Is it possible to get a 20 oz Rav mug? I can’t handle only 10 oz of coffee in the a.m. I need at least 20 oz. :)

over 9 years ago

This is the perfect cup when knitting. If the disagree is showing, I know my tea has gone cold, no need to taste it. ;-)

over 9 years ago

I love my mug! It is faboo. It makes me happy. Here’s a picture (Hope that’s ok):


over 9 years ago

Me too! Love my mug, makes me smile! Thanks for the fabulosity of it ;)

over 9 years ago

Loving my mug too - - I can’t wait for a bigger version too!

over 9 years ago

Yippee! My Mug arrived today! I opened the box, I love that super cool & cute BOB pkg sticker! -AND I love-LOVE-LoVe the mug! after gazing lovingly at it for a few minutes…. OF COURSE, I have to make some tea! AND - oh yessssssss, the tea tastes even BETTER in the Ravelry Mug!

I do agree with the 20oz suggestion - maybe that could be a Funny / Love switcheroo

over 9 years ago

Love my mug, 10 oz or 20 oz, I am just lovin’ it!! I know when to warm it up!!

over 9 years ago

Just love it! Any chance for a left-handed version (attitude facing outward when held in left hand). You’ve got nearly a thousand left-handed Ravelers in the “On the Other Hand” and “Left-Handed Knitters” groups alone.

over 9 years ago

i Loved my mug, until i droped it smashing it two days after getting it =( now they are all gone! im sad.

over 9 years ago

The mug is great, and the quality of the disappearing text is very good (both when appeared and disappeared).
I ordered my mug to keep at work, and I absolutely love it. My coworkers also think it’s hilarious, and while they already know that if they come to me with big problems they need to bring me some coffee, now they have my mug to remind them of it.

over 9 years ago

Hooray! BookishWendy sent me one of these and I love it! It’s perfect for thankless tasks at work (especially when filled with something warm and yummy).

over 8 years ago

My hubby got me this for my birthday and I totally love it. It is like a neon sign letting people know when it’s safe to approach in the morning. If there hasn’t been enough coffee in it to dissolve the DIS you might want to give me some more time! :-) Love that hubby!

over 8 years ago

I was working on a sorta-unpleasant task at work when my mug arrived; I immediately made some hot tea, and both my mug and my perspective changed from “disagree” to “agree.” Love(100)!

over 8 years ago

I just got mine today and I love(100) it! X3

over 8 years ago

Coming home from work at midnight is usually blah, but my mug was waiting for me! I like getting mail. I made hot chocolate and watched the transformation on my mug. While the transformation is neat, I really valued the ravelry logo (ball of yarn) on the other side. I love the colors, and it’s just cool. I’m satisfied with this product.

Remember not to put in the microwave!

over 8 years ago

Christmas morning my husband brought my tea in a … wha? Brand new attitude adjustment mug!

Thanks for making Ravelry mini-mart accessible to shoppers outside of the flock.

over 8 years ago

I love this! It’s a good size and works precisely as advertised.

I think my favorite part about this mug is the raised “dis” text. When it fades, it’s still present. I always think of it as a “phantom disagree.”

over 8 years ago

I love my mug EXCEPT for the fact that the logo is running.

I have had it a while now (maybe 6 months) and this didn’t occur right away but slowly over time.
Running mug

over 8 years ago

I just got my mug today and I love it =) The first thing I did was was the cup and make a pot of coffee. One of the first things I noticed was that my cold fingers can bring the “dis” back, I can see myself having lots of fun flashing disagree at my hubby when he irritates me ;) On the other hand, if he’s a smart man (and sometimes he is) he might once in a while see the disagree and fill my cup up with coffee to make me more agreeable.

over 8 years ago

My favorite mug! I didn’t drink coffee out of anything else for over a year…. then I broke the handle off of it by knocking it off the counter. :(

But I’ve ordered another! Yippee! Agree Coffee Again! :)

over 6 years ago

Love it! It is heavy and just right for my cup of black tea in the morning.

over 6 years ago

Pleeeeese order more of these. I want one :-)

over 6 years ago

As another poster said, “please order more.” I would like to get 2 one for myself and one as a gift. Thanks.