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Knitting: Animal Toy
Is there anyone better at hugs than an Octopus?
Knitting: Doll Clothes
You know how all the other toys get jealous around Easter because all anyone wants are chickens and rabbits? NOT ANYMORE. With this little add-on, any stuffed friend is fit for an Eater Basket.
Knitting: Christmas Stocking, Accessory
Santa should come for EVERYONE!
Knitting: Animal Toy
Have you any wool? If you do, it’ll be great for this pattern!
Knitting: Hanging Ornament, Doll, Softies - Other
No Winter Wonderland is complete without one!
Knitting: Animal Toy
Hippos (the real ones) kill more than 2,000 people a year. Their roly-poly exterior is how they lure their victims. The knit version is a much safer alternative if you need a cuddle.
Knitting: Washcloth / Dishcloth, Scrubber
There’s no Dish Rag Tag this year (I explain here). But here’s a new pattern anyway!
Knitting: Animal Toy
Everybody loves a good wallow right? I prefer to wallow in a pile of yarn instead of a mud puddle, but each to his own.
Knitting: Doll
Some kids like stuffed animals. Some kids like dolls. Yarn Miracle has something for everyone.
Knitting: Animal Toy
For a 13.5” pachyderm, stick with bulky weight yarn. You’ll need to be able to be able to work in the round on double pointed needles (Magic Loop is probably fine), and enough knitting ability to increase, decrease, graft (kitchener) and keep up with short rows. Short rows by themselves are not bad or scary - I don’t even bothe...
Knitting: Animal Toy, Decorative - Other
You know how some of those rabbit patterns are just SO big and SO time consuming? This little guy doesn’t have that problem.
Knitting: Animal Toy, Decorative - Other, Softies - Other
Itty Bitty Vulture is ready to leer at you from any vantage point.
Knitting: Animal Toy
A bear to help your growing cub hibernate alllll winter!
Knitting: Animal Toy, Decorative - Other, Table Setting - Other, Softies - Other
This little guy is not for noms! But he’d look mighty cute as a treat on a kids’ Thanksgiving table. He’s such a quick knit you should just go ahead and make one for everybody.
Knitting: Hanging Ornament
Merry Christmas! Your present this year is a little evergreen ornament! Hooray!
Knitting: Costume
You’ll need a little bit of yarn in two colors, a store-bought headband and about an hour and a half to make your own set of cat ears.
Knitting: Animal Toy
Designed for a bulky yarn, Dogs knit to gauge will measure around 15” from head to toe. His size makes this fellow an ideal companion for bigger kids. This pattern requires about 180 yards of bulky yarn in the main color and 60 yards of a contrast color. You’ll also need a set of double pointed needles, enough knitting ability to gra...
Knitting: Washcloth / Dishcloth
V is for Victory!
Knitting: Animal Toy
M is also for miscreant, misadventure, mischief and miscellaneous shenanigans. Which is exactly what you’ll get when you add a Monkey to your household. But don’t let that stop you from giving this pattern a try!
Knitting: Animal Toy
Bigger kids need bigger toys to hug. Bigger toys with really really long tails and surplus personality.
Knitting: Animal Toy
This bunny is a tall drink of water.
Knitting: Food Cozy
If you buy cage-free, free range, organic or farm fresh eggs like many folks these days, your eggs are probably brown. Great for chickens! Bad for dyeing Easter Eggs.
Knitting: Doll
A sweet nothing to brighten any day. But if you need an excuse, they’d be great in an Easter Basket or as a Valentine.
Knitting: Animal Toy, Softies - Other
An October treat! Spider’s body is knit in the round on double pointed needles - his magnificent curly legs use a long circular (or straights). You need to be able to increase, decrease, work a YO and manage icord if you want him to hang.
Knitting: Animal Toy
Lock up your chickens!
Knitting: Washcloth / Dishcloth
The Official Pattern of Revenge of Dish Rag Tag, an annual knitting relay race that spans the United States. For more information, visit ( for 2010 race specifics)
Knitting: Animal Toy
Over the last three years, one in three honey bee colonies has died of the still mysterious Colony Collapse Disorder in the United States. Other countries are experiencing similar losses, which poses a real threat to the 1/3 of our food supply that relies on honey bees for pollination.
Knitting: Animal Toy
This trio of Itty Bitty Birdies can be found in your own backyard (as long as your back yard is an exotic arboretum). Their three inch bodies are knit in the round with minimal finishing and their hind ends can be adorned with your choice of tail feathers. The Peacock’s tail has beads and a twisted stitch pattern (so very fancy). Pictured ...
Knitting: Animal Toy
Whether made for play with the toddler in your life or as productivity watchdogs for your neighbor’s cube at work, a flock of Itty Bitty Birdies will have an opinion on everything. Their three inch bodies are knit in the round with minimal finishing and their hind ends can be adorned with your choice of tail feathers. Pictured legs are cro...
Knitting: Animal Toy
This Frog Prince is as sweet and humble as can be (your mileage may vary), but he’s not for beginning knitters. Unless the aforementioned beginner is ready for a challenge.
Knitting: Mid-calf Socks
A sock tribute to the infamous Ballband Dishrag! A pretty little
Knitting: Toy Game
It’s a toy bowling set! What more could you want?
Knitting: Animal Toy
Knit yourself a henhouse full!
Knitting: Throw
This throw is suitable for a beginner, quick enough for a weekend knit and not so interesting that it distracts from the television.