Andrea Cretu

Andrea Cretu

I love both knitting and crochet, but most of all Tunisian crochet. I’ve always loved making things up, so writing patterns for my designs was the next logical step after learning these crafts.

I am doing my best to write the patterns in the highest quality and I always try to insert crochet charts so the patterns are available even to those who cannot understand English (but know how to read charts).
I also want to make them accessible to low-vision users, so many of the patterns now come with a low vision version.

I have a YouTube channel where I show you how to make many of the trickier stitch patterns or even share the full pattern.

If you want to know when I publish a new pattern, sign up for my email updates here. I send out these emails once a week and they include news items, such as:

  • new patterns;
  • new videos;
  • testing calls;
  • events;
  • coupons;
  • free patterns;
  • tips and tricks.

I love to see what you make, either as WIP or finished object. Tag me @yarnandy on Instagram so I can see your beautiful projects! I also often check project pages and request photos to feature on the pattern pages, so please answer my requests if you’d like to see your projects on the pattern pages.

original designs

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Andrea Cretu designs
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