Anna Richardson

Anna Richardson

I qualified as a doctor in 2005 then trained as an anaesthetist. I gave it all up in September 2009 when I realised that spending every minute of the day knitting was lot more fun and a lot less stressful. I am now much happier working as my own boss, designing and creating quality hand knits. I’ve had patterns published in Knit Now, The Knitter and Knitty as well as self-publishing and working for NZ yarn company Crucci Ltd.

I run a group on Ravelry for fans of OneHandKnits’ patterns: OneHandKnits

Important Information for EU customers
On January 1st, 2015, sellers of digital products (including pattern PDFs) now have to pay tax to European Union member countries when a pattern buyer resides in that country. If you live in the EU, please read my VATMOSS information page to see how this will affect your purchasing.

original designs

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Brunel Hat
Knit Now, Issue 56, January 2016
Design 1464
Crucci leaflet 1464
Design 1472
Crucci leaflet 1472
Design 1492
Crucci leaflet 1492
Design 1491
Crucci leaflet 1491
Design 1458
Crucci leaflet 1458
Design 1481
Crucci leaflet 1481
Design 1484
Crucci leaflet 1484
Design 1469
Crucci leaflet 1469
Design 1485
Crucci leaflet 1485
Design 1475
Crucci leaflet 1475
Design 1468
Crucci leaflet 1468
Design 1465
Crucci leaflet 1465
Design 1479
Crucci leaflet 1479
Design 1471
Crucci leaflet 1471
Design 1467
Crucci leaflet 1467
Design 1478
Crucci leaflet 1478
Design 1480
Crucci leaflet 1480
Crucci 1457
Crucci 1456/7 Sporte
Crucci 1456
Crucci 1456/7 Sporte
Crucci 1455
Crucci 1455 Sporte
Crucci 1454 - Beret
Crucci 1454 Sporte
Crucci 1454
Crucci 1454 Sporte
Crucci 1453
Crucci 1453 Sporte
Crucci 1452
Crucci 1452 Sporte
Crucci 1451
Crucci 1451 Sporte
Crucci 1450
Crucci 1450 Sporte
Knit Now, Issue 24, July 2013
  • Plumage
  • Knit Now, Issue 24, July 2013
Secret Garden baby kimono
OHK: Baby! Oh, Baby! Collection
Jump 'n' Jive Socks
OHK: Whimsical Socks Collection
Baker Boy Cap
OHK: On a Misty Morning Collection
Easy as Pi(e) Blanket
Knitty, Spring + Summer 2013
Wuthering Heights Shawl
OHK: On a Misty Morning Collection
English Rose Cardigan
OHK: Baby! Oh, Baby! Collection
English Rose Bootees
Knit Now, Issue 19, March 2013
Mud & Rainbows
OHK: Baby! Oh, Baby! Collection
Humbug Shawl
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