Gale Zucker

Professional photographer, lifelong knitter & maker. I try to combine the two as often as possible, on book projects, knitwear fashion photography for yarn companies, sweater companies, and knitwear designers-- and teaching Photography for Knitters workshops.

My professional website for Gale Zucker Photography is online here. I also shoot for magazines, companies, non-profits & other projects. Take a peek!
My knit blog, She Shoots Sheep Shots has been around since 2005, and I have a photography blog, clever titled Gale Zucker Photography the Blog I post there irregularly. But thoughtfully.

My books include Craft Activism:People, Ideas and Projects from the New Community of Handmade, with Joan Tapper. It’s full of knitting, handcrafts, activism & community. This time we enlisted talented indie designers for some of the projects (you know them! you love them!) and visited crafters pushing the envelope all over the country to bring you a peek behind the curtains in their living rooms & studios. Great knitting , crocheting, stitching, community even Ravelry has a chapter, and other crafts you can jump into as well.

A while back I started a portfolio called She Shoots Sheep Shots, when a series of sheep farm magazine assignments came my way. Then I realized: destiny! Such crazy animals to photograph, they see in 360 degrees.

I combined my passions in co-authoring & photographing the book Shear Spirit: Ten Fiber Farms, Twenty Patterns and Miles of Yarn, from PotterCraft 2008 , go check out the blog , it’s a combo travel & craft coffee table book with big juicy photos, lots of interesting profiles, and original projects to knit from fiber artists at each farm or ranch. The writer and I visited fiber farmers around the country, lived with them for a few days, documented their lives , drank the kool-aid and patted the wool. Living the dream, I tell ya!

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