Karen S. Lauger

I am an Danish economist by day and an avid knitter and knitwear designer by night (or at least in the evenings).

I aim at creating a feeling of simple complexity in my designs, drawing heavily on my love of mathematics side and my Nordic heritage. Most of my designs revolve around a single defining idea or inspiration, which I then fold out to something that sometimes resembles complexity, but which is often quite simple to knit.

I have worked with both small indie dyers and small and large yarn companies alike. I also publish independent designs here on Ravelry and have had a design featured in Knitty.com.

Lykkefanten is my designer alias. The name means “Lucky elephant” shortened to “Luckyphant” or Lykkefanten in Danish. The original Lykkefant is a little, bronze colored, plastic elephant figure, which my sister gave me as a good luck charm, when I went to New Zealand to live and study back in 2006. It has since then taken on another meaning, since I have chosen to use Lykkefanten as my avatar and identity online.

original designs  

from Lykkefanten
from MacKintosh Yarns
from Lykkefanten
from Lykkefanten