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Patterns originally posted as part of my annual “Yarnakkuh” event.

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Designs inspired by Sterling Renaissance Festival or other Ren-faires

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The series of “rose” shawls - primarily written in 2014

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MMario patterns with written instructions

Patterns for squares worked in the round, and/or patterns for triangles that CAN become squares worked in the round

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Designed as baby blankets.

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flat knit; rectangles or squares (or both)

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Shawls inspired by the ‘circle’ novels of Tamora Pierce

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This is the currently free patterns available for download from MMario Designs on Ravelry ( a work in progress - adding items as fast as I can)

Designs based on castles, real or fictional

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Patterns inspired or named after Tolkien

Eventually there will be a minimum of 12 - designed for the months of 2015

Watch for Assisi; Ogapoge, Stasbourg

Inspired by the Solar Clipper series by Nathan Lowell

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Inspired by various M. Lackey books

Shawls for a Darkover winter (or summer)

12 12 panel circles, one per month

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Designs from BS Johnson, Leonard of Quirm, or inspired by discworld.

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Shawls from the “Queen” series

Shawls inspired by the DragonRiders of Pern, characters or places therein.

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Items originally posted as part of my annual “Twelve Days of Shawlmas”