400m sprint (Olympic squirrel) by Susan Ashcroft

400m sprint (Olympic squirrel)

August 2016
Any gauge - designed for any gauge ?
328 - 656 yards (300 - 600 m)
adjustable - kniit to the size you like or yarn you have available
Flag of English English
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Use approx. 400m and knit fast !!!
And best of all you can keep your eyes on the screen.

You can knit with almost any yarn (fingering to aran)

Why squirrel ?

I hadn’t planned to make this - or have it as a pattern - but I found myself making it and thought it was perfect for knitting while watching the action and thought you might like to make one on what the BBC is calling “Super Saturday”.

Over in the Stitchnerds group we refer to shiny new ideas that we just have to knit right away as “squirrels” - we’re even having a special Ravellenics laurel for them.

If you haven’t already, why not join us in the group for another week of Ravellenic fun? ? -
link to the group thread

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