Amigurumi Mitsu by S. Pendleton

Amigurumi Mitsu

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January 2007
Embroidery Punch Thread
Lace ?
1.0 mm
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Out of print. This pattern was available for free

Unfortunately, this pattern is no longer available.

These are the miniature versions of the Amigurumi Flower Fairies. There is no carrying pouch in this book, and the wings are different from the Flower Fairies.

Amigurumi Mitsu means “Crocheted Trio”, and that’s just what you get in this crochet pattern. You’ll use punch thread or equivalent with a size 12 hook to make the tiny cat, bear, or rabbit in the Japanese style. Their little fairy outfit is made from size 12 perle cotton or size 30 crochet thread, and includes the jumper, flower hat, wings, and wand. You could also use purchased appliques as wings, as shown on the bunny.

These little guys are about 2.5 inches tall, not including their ears. Of course, you can make them bigger if you want to use larger thread and hook. They have a cotter pin and disk jointed head, and thread-jointed arms and legs. The cat’s tail is wired, and can be used to help her stand.

The pattern is clearly written with lots of detail. The booklet has 16 pages, and includes several color photos. It also contains instructions for attaching the eyes, jointing, etc, as well as a helpful list of internet suppliers, and a handy thread comparison chart.

The Cat, Koneko, appeared as the cover girl on the December 2007 issue of Teddy Bear Review magazine.

Materials and Supplies Needed:

General Materials List for Animals:
(You can mix and match colors, eyes, and wings for many different looks.)

• Embroidery Punch Thread (available from, as are eyes, nylon thread, cotter pins and disks, fiberfill, hemostats, colored pencils, etc) or equivalent wool or cotton thread
• Size 12 (1mm) hook
• Two eyes
• Black nylon thread, for attaching eyes
• One ¾“ cotter pin, one ¼” disk, and one 3/16” disk (you can cut a 3/16” circle from plastic if you don’t have a disk. Punch a hole in the center with a pin.)
• Fiberfill for stuffing
• Embroidery floss – for features
• Nylon thread or other strong thread, in color to match the body, for jointing
• Sewing Needles: 2-1/2-inch (6 cm) darner, beading, small tapestry
• Small hemostat, dowel, long tweezers, or other long, narrow tool for stuffing
• Small needle-nose pliers for turning cotter pins
• Fine tip black marker, such as Micron for shading around eyes
• Watercolor pencils for shading -- rose pink, blue, and colorless blender (Prismacolor used for model) (You can use powdered eye shadow and blusher as a good alternative.)

Materials for Fairy Costume:

• Size 12 pearl cotton or size 30 crochet cotton – Main Color (MC), Contrasting Color (CC) and Green
• Size 12 crochet hook
• Glittery nail polish to match wings (optional)
• 1” (2.5cm) straight pin for wand
• Star button, charm or jewel for wand tip
• Wire cutters
• Glue, such as Gem-Tac

Colors/Additional Supplies for Cat:

• Thread colors – sand or light brown (punch thread was used for model)
• Size 12 pearl cotton or size 30 crochet thread: MC (med blue), CC (light purple), and sage green for costume
• 3-mm chenille stem for tail
• 2-mm pearl for button
• Two fingernail jewels OR 4 green seed beads for dress trim
• One fingernail for beauty mark (optional)
• 5-mm google eyes
• Embroidery Floss, pale rose and black

Colors/Additional Supplies for Rabbit:

• White or ivory thread (1-ply wool was used for model)
• Size 12 pearl or size 30 crochet thread: MC (pink), CC (turquoise), and green for costume
• Embroidery floss – pink and black
• Two 2mm black onyx beads for eyes
• One pink teardrop fingernail jewel (optional)
• 1” embroidered butterfly appliqué for wings (optional)

Colors/Additional Supplies for Bear:

• Oatmeal or beige thread for bear (lace-weight angora was
used for the model)
• Size 12 pearl cotton or size 30 crochet thread: MC (yellow), CC (maroon), and green for costume
• White or ivory thread for wings (wings are optional)
• Two 3mm flat black eyes
• Dark Brown Embroidery Floss