Angelynn, A Miniature Bear by S. Pendleton

Angelynn, A Miniature Bear

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January 2009
Punch Thread
Lace ?
1.0 mm
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Discontinued. This digital pattern is no longer available online.

Use this crochet pattern to make your own 3-inch Angelynn miniature bear. Angelynn and her outfit are crocheted using punch thread with a size 12 crochet hook. The little bear is 5-way jointed, with a cotter pin and disk jointed head, and thread jointed limbs.

The pattern includes instructions for the bear, her dress, ruffled panties, and hair bow. The little socks and mary jane shoes are incorporated as part of the leg design, and are not removable. The dress and panties are, however, removable.

There are 16 pages of instructions and photos. Color photos of the finished bear are included, as are instructions for jointing, creating the facial features, a list of internet sources for supplies, and other helpful information.

Materials and Supplies Needed:

• Punch thread - Sand, or color of choice for bear (1 spool will make at least 2 bears), Turquoise or color of choice for dress, Gold or color of choice for dress trim, White for panties and socks, Red for shoes and bow

Note: Punch Thread and most mini-bear supplies are available from

• Size 12 (1mm) crochet hook
• Fiberfill or stuffing of choice
• Two 3-mm onyx beads or bear eyes
• 1 mini disc joint set for head (two 1/4” discs and one 1/2” cotter pin)
• Black embroidery floss
• Black nylon thread for attaching eyes
• Upholstery thread in color similar to bear – for jointing
• Sewing Needles: 2-inch sharp, beading, small tapestry, small sewing needle
• Small hemostat, dowel, long tweezers, or other long, narrow tool for stuffing
• Small needle-nose pliers for cotter pin
• Small, sharp scissors
• Pink water color pencil, such as Prisma, OR makeup blush - for shading cheeks
• Black micro-tip marker
* Note: You can substitute the thread of your choice, but make sure to use the
same size thread and hook for the bear and her clothing.

You may sell the items that you create from this pattern. You may translate the pattern into your language. You may NOT sell the pattern.