Aria With Variations by Jenjoyce Design

Aria With Variations

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“Aria With Variations” is a somewhat geometric and orderly lace design collection inspired by fine lace-weight yarn (and JS Bach’s Goldberg Variations).

Aria: 4 nupps in diamond
Variation 1: 1 nupp in diamond
Variation 2: no nupps, just diamonds.

Aria motif and two variations on the theme, can be worked into stole, square shawl, or cowl, in four sizes each!

Shown in two smallest sizes:

  • Aria stole in pink in size 1.
  • Variation 1 stole in grey in size 2.

Pattern has four charts with written instruction.

Choose smaller sizes for a quick scarf, or shawlette, or larger sizes for a beautiful neck & shoulder wrap to really sink your needles into! Cowls are a quick knit and easiest of them all, with far less yardage, and knit in-the-round. Square shawl variation can be made into a throw very easily without nupps in any weight up to bulky, or try even finer weight yarn like cobweb, for a gossamer fabric reminiscent of Shetland & Estonian fine lace knitting together!

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Measurements after blocking:

Stole: approx. 13(16,19,21)” and 33(41,49,55)cm wide , by 52(64,76,84)” and 132(168,193,214)cm long.

Cowl:approx. 24(29,34,39)” and 61(74,86,99)cm circumference, by 18” and 45cm tall.

Shawl: approx. 37(40,43,45)“ and 94(101,108,114)cm square, diagonal measuring approx. 52(56, 60, 63)” and 133(144,152,160)cm

Yardage: Based on Aria which uses a significant amount of yardage for nupps -- variations with fewer or no nupps will use less yardage.
Stole: 440(610,820,1050)y and 403(558,750,960)m
Cowl: 250(300,350,400)y and 228(275,320,366)m
Shawl: 440 (610,820,1050)y and 403(558,750,960)m

I invite Any & All who are knitting Aria With Variations to bring questions, comments, great tutorial links, and otherwise general related chattiness to my Jenjoyce Group which exists just for knitters of Jenjoyce’s patterns. The kettle is on… see you there !