Bob E Cat by S. Pendleton

Bob E Cat

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January 2008
Size 30 Crochet Thread
1.3 mm
Flag of English English
Discontinued. This digital pattern is no longer available online.

Several years ago, a friend of mine asked me if I could design and make a crocheted cat for him. I said that I would try, and Bob E Cat was born. The original was given to my friend Robert (Bob E is named for him), who has sinced passed on, God rest his soul. Now, I offer the Bob E Cat pattern free of charge in memory of Robert.

Bob E Cat is about 3.5 inches tall, made from size 30 crochet thread and a size 10 hook. You can make him bigger or smaller by changing the thread/yarn and hook size (be sure to adjust the size of the eyes accordingly). He has a cotter pin and disk-jointed head, and thread-jointed arms and legs.

Materials and Supplies Needed:

Most of the supplies needed to make Bob E Cat can be purchased from my friend Deb at

• Size 30 crochet thread, size 12 perle cotton, or punch thread - MC (main color)
• Same as above - AC (accent color)
• Size 10 (1.3mm) crochet hook
• Stuffing of choice
• 3mm onyx beads for eyes
• Jointing set for head (optional) – two ¼“ disks and one ½” cotter pin
• Embroidery thread in color of choice for nose and other facial features
• Upholstery or other strong thread for jointing limbs, color similar to cat
• Nylon or other thin, strong thread for attaching eyes – black
• 6-inch (12cm) length of ¼-inch (6mm) ribbon in color of choice
• Sewing needle, milliner’s needle (or other 2.5” needle), beading needle
• Small hemostat, dowel, long tweezers, or other long, narrow tool for stuffing
• Small needle-nose pliers for turning cotter pins
• Small, sharp scissors

You may sell the items that you make from this pattern. You may translate this pattern into your language. You may NOT sell the pattern in any way, shape, or fashion.