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Two faces - two sides.
Beginning and end.
Peace and war.
Youth and age.
Past and future.

Ianus, an ancient very Roman god has several aspects and there exist a lot of myths around his person.
One legend fables that long ago, long before the foundation of Rome, Jupiter banished his father Saturn from the gods’ home. Ianus, the king of Latium was very hospitable, put him up and nominated him as a co-ruler. To express his gratitude, Saturn taught the so far uncultivated people of Latium agriculture and winegrowing. So together, Ianus and Saturn established a golden age of prosperty and opulence.

This opulence is also shown in the Ianus shawl. Its two reversible sides are made of two luxurious silk-blend yarns, joined together by a beaded silk. It can be made in one color or with contrasting colors.
The unusual shape allows several possibilities for wearing - shawl or scarf? You have the choice! Experiment and drape, you will find out that Ianus is more than only a shawl.

Pattern and yarn will be available as “Monatsdesign” / monthly design for October at the website.