Lace Holly by Susann Hajjar

Lace Holly

November 2011
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This pattern is available as a free Ravelry download

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You find here 3 PDF files for download:

  • the announcement for the Lace Knitter’s Advent Calendar 2011 (unikatissima lc069 holly announcement.pdf) (see below what you find in the announcement file),
  • the actual pattern (charts and written instructions) (unikatissima_lc069_holly.pdf) and
  • a German chart legend (unikatissima_lc069_holly_d_legende.pdf)

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KAL in January 2013:
First of January a KAL with the Lace Holly has started.
Anna (snorrepot) said that it is a very relaxed KAL and that you can even jump on now (begin of January 2013) if you like to participate.
Check it out :)

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’Rules’ of Advent calendar:

The Lace Holly - Lace Knitter’s Advent Calendar 2011 consists of 6 little patterns that can be knitted in whatever order you like.
To get the surprise feeling of an Advent calendar the 6 little patterns are named block 1 - 6 and are meant to be selected by rolling a die :)

But of course you can arrange the little patterns in advance to get a design that you like.
To get inspiration you may want to look at the project descriptions in the announcement file (see below what you find in the announcement file).

Rows and stitches:
I used 3 pattern repeats for all my items and it took me about 20-30 minutes for one pattern block, where blocks 1 & 2 have 14 rows, blocks 3 & 4 have 8 rows and blocks 5 & 6 have 10 rows and the pattern repeat has 24 stitches.

By the way: I always used a provisional cast-on and eventually found a tutorial for my preferred method. Read about it in this thread: Provisional cast-on

Which yarn and how much of it:

As for which yarn: take whatever yarn

  • you have at hand or
  • you always wanted to use for a special occasion or
  • seems precious enough to you for a Christmas shrug / scarf / shawl :)

And as for how much yarn: that depends on the yarn you use and the size you want to have.

To get an idea, look at the yarns and amounts of yarn of the Lace Knitter’s Advent Calendar 2010 (see e.g. the projects or the [Advent] threads of the group unikatissima).

If you want to knit a scarf or shawl, yarn and amounts of yarn will be similar, for a shrug you will probably need less, because it is often shorter.

The project descriptions in the announcement file (read more further below) are also meant to give you an idea on how much yarn you may need.
I knitted every item with a different yarn to show you the differences.

If you want to make a swatch, use your yarn with one of the patterns of the Lace Christmas Rose, the amount of yarn needed is very similar.

Questions, suggestions and sharing your progress:

If you have questions, want to offer suggestions or find mistakes (hopefully not! ;-))
you can post in the group unikatissima or send me a pm.

There are some answers to questions already in the group unikatissima in the thread [Advent] Lace Knitter’s Advent Calendar 2011

We all would love to see your progress, so please share this in the group unikatissima, too :)

Announcement file:

With the pattern of this Lace Holly - Lace Knitter’s Advent Calendar 2011 you can knit either

  • a lace shrug or
  • a lace scarf or shawl, whatever you prefer.

The announcement file that you can already download here contains

  • the terms of use (valid as well for the announcement file as for the actual pattern later)
  • an instruction on how to make a shrug from a rectangle and
  • descriptions for 4 projects I made with the pattern.

The descriptions of the four projects show:

  • the size of the rectangle
  • the yarn and needles I used
  • pattern construction details
  • cast-on details and
  • the pattern sequence

German knitters / Deutsche Stricker-innen:
Du kannst meine Nutzungsbedingen auch auf deutsch lesen.

Zusammen mit der eigentlichen Anleitung findest Du hier auch die Legende für das Strickdiagramm auf deutsch als PDF-Datei (unikatissima_lc069_holly_d_legende.pdf).

The pictures come from the projects that I describe in the announcement file.
You can find them here at ravelry as