Stream by Natalia Moreva


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With this pattern, you can knit a scarf, wrap, or shawl. The knitted fabric isn’t bumpy, wavy, or curly; it lays perfectly flat. The unique wavy stripes do not require any stranding at all; you work with just one color in every row. The rippled fabric is created by decreases and increases only.
Yarns and colors:
I suggest using at least three different colors, but you can use as many color as you want, as long as you separate different stripes with the same contrasting color. Try to avoid splittiy yarns! One-ply, or tightly-spun multi-ply yarns are the best for this pattern.
These color waves will also look beautiful if knitted vertically. You can try that if you don’t mind casting on a large number of stitches ( I hate doing that - always get lost where I am).
Although the pattern is written for flat knitting, it can easily be converted for knitting in the round (for socks or hats?).