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Pretty Brickless KAL
July 24 2014
September 19 2014
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Pretty Brickless KAL
Brickless by Martina Behm
Needles & yarn
US 5 - 3.75 mm
Longmeadow Farm MCN
Fingering (14 wpi)
0.53 skeins = 318.0 yards (290.8 meters), 79 grams
One of a kind
Great Lakes Fiber Show
May 24, 2014

All the girls cast this on in May and June…I dragged my feet.

Originally, I intended to do 7 repeats + one more lace panel, but after looking through some other projects, I think I’ll stop at 6…

Bound off before returning to work (after mini vacation) on Friday, Sep. 19. Pictures, blocking, blah blah blah coming soon (I hope)! It only took 80g of the 150, which means that I have enough left for a pair of socks for me (65-68g)…or two pair of fingerless gloves (30-35g/pair)…decisions, decisions…
Ok, burying this comment at the very bottom of my notes, because I don’t want anyone to not knit this because of my silly opinion. I’ll start with the positive - I LOVE THIS, now that it is done.

BUT, I hated almost every minute of the knitting. I couldn’t keep track of the pattern, and I really just didn’t enjoy it at all. I tried to like it, even wrote original “I love it!” comments when I started, to convince myself…but I was lying to even me.

I finally finished by forcing myself to work on it solo during a 9-hour car ride. OMGosh! I will not knit this again, but that’s all about me…if you’d like a free, digital copy of this pattern, I will happily give mine to you (only the first to respond, I respect copyrights, so I’m treating this as if it were a paper copy as I give it away). But I hated the knitting so much, I don’t want to accidentally cast on another in a few years. lol!

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July 24 2014
September 19 2014
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