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December 16 2013
March 1 2014
Project info
Pretty Dolls
Paper Dolls by Kate Davies
Me as usual
Needles & yarn
US 2½ - 3.0 mm
US 3 - 3.25 mm
US 4 - 3.5 mm
Australian Tapestry Workshop Tapestry Wool
Australian Tapestry Workshop
Schoppel-Wolle Zauberball® Stärke 6
Morris & Sons in Melbourne, Victoria

1st March 2014
I’m giving this to my daughter for her birthday and starting mine from the very start. July, it is (her birthday) and I’ll keep it until then. I just love the crazy, bright green and intend to start Mine asap!
26th February 2014
I think I’m gonna do it again! In the next size up and with extra stitches under the arms. Eeek! But I must have it. Bugger. I’ll try it on again and imagine it with gussets and a looser neck…. however, I won’t compromise!
The Zauberball wool is gorgeous, but hasn’t a huge amount of stretch. Sigh…
25th February 2014
Finished, but need to sew the ends in. I pressed it, tried it on and it’s stunning! But too tight under the arms, too annoying on the neck! GROAN!
But… not to be sent into a pit of self-pitying despair (tempting and nearby), I have immediately undone the gorgeous neck, and will go back, remove the decreases back wherever that was, redo the short rows (and try harder this time to make them sit well) then do the neck in bigger needles! I already used 3mm, but will go to 3.5 (with the higher stitch count… should do it).
Then go on a freaking diet!
The colours are AMAZING!
Oh, and I’m going to make a gusset for under the arms. And learn Tai Chi.
Honestly, if it doesn’t work, I’m starting from scratch and going up a size. I must and will have this jumper.

3rd February 2014
Finished the first sleeve yesterday, Yay! 3/4 length. I’ve made them without much negative ease, so I don’t feel porky. I mean, I’ll still feel porky, but it won’t look as if my arm is stuffed into the sleeve.
You know what I hate? The feel of the DPN’s tickling my right palm when I knit. I may wear some tape so it doesn’t send my hand numb! Eek!
Obviously, the stripes are different, but that’s ok and not much I can do about it anyhow. I’m not going to try and match the sleeves, just let them be different. I like the thought of that better. Way more fun.
Can’t wait to start the Fair Isle!!
30th January 2014
Started the 3/4sleeves. I’ll be more comfortable with the Bingo’s under wraps.
(size 38”)
i-cord cast on 58sts and worked in the same corrugated rib (same colours) for a bit longer than the hem of the body (only because I wasn’t watching and hadn’t changed to the right shade of green before time).
K 1 row in (green) Contrast Colour 1.
Increase 1 st. either side of side marker (i.e. 2 increases) every 2 cm until there are 78 sts. Leave one stitch plain and increase on 2nd stitch from marker for neatness.
Continue until desired length (total measurement 35cm for mine) then continue joining to body as per pattern.

25th January 2014
Gorgeous wool! Yum!
13th January 2014
I’ve worked the ribbing through shades of green. Dark to light then it will be back to dark. It’s perhaps not quite as bright as the photo, but looks nice. No yellow, although I may use it minutely in the Fair Isle.
Naughty fun though, and it’s bumped down some previously begun things. But… in my defense, it could be worn in the warmer weather.
17th December 2013
My daughters are giving me some of the wool for Christmas! I did a swatch and it’s perfect in the recommended needles so I can’t wait! Just waiting for the contrasts…

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December 16 2013
March 1 2014
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