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A duo of shawl designs, best friends Gordy and Corky!

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Crochet: Scarf
My best-selling knitting pattern, Clincher, now in crochet!
Knitting: Beanie, Toque
Syndicate is modeled after the most common mass produced ribbed toque. Most often seen in bright colours, or just plain black, these acrylic wonders are stylish, worn deep over the brow or balanced on the tip of the wearer’s crown. The ribbing makes it easy to fit. Roll over the brim or fold it back. Your hat may look familiar, but the yarn you ...
Knitting: Shawl / Wrap
Tinderbox is a study of the traditional Shetland Diamond lace motif. Starting from the center back with a garter tab, the shoulder panel features Shetland Diamond Mesh. The feature panel through the center of the shawl plays with the size of Shetland diamond, increasing to the bottom edge and finishing with a short-rowed tip. The lower half of t...
Knitting: Sweater - Other
The Scaffold Square is an amazing knitted object that can become SO many things! When unbuttoned, it is a simple square featuring an easy garter stripe motif. Strategically placed buttonholes and buttons along the border give the Scaffold Square its transformative abilities. Knit it up in your favorite luxury worsted weight yarn or choose a synt...
Knitting: Cowl
The mobius loop is a handy shape that creates the best fitting cowl! Because of its half-twist and substantial depth, the Mindful Mobius makes a good fit over the shoulders, or can be pulled up over the ears as a hood , or worn draped forward as a standard long-loop cowl.
Knitting: Scarf
I like to wear smaller shawls in a bandana fashion, peak frontwards. It is a challenge to find a design with tails long enough to tie around and I am always trying new ways to fasten them. Clincher is a bandana scarf that solves this fastening problem! Shaped as an elongated triangle, the bind off edge is punctuated with a sculptural row of i-co...
Knitting: Beret, Tam
As a child, pomegranates were an exotic treat. Pomegranate season falls in the winter in Canada (we now have nearly year round availability), but were still very rare to find in the supermarket in the 80’s, so it was really exciting to get one. Pomegranates were an “outside fruit” in our house (that red juice stains everything), so these snack s...
Knitting: Tutorial
Illusion Knitting is so mysterious! Using strategically placed knit and purl stitches and two contrast colors, the fabric appears as garter stitch stripes when viewed from above and reveals an image when viewed at an angle. When the principals of the technique are understood, illusions are easy to work (and create!) for the most amateur knitter.
Knitting: Scarf
Ancient greek myth tells of Hyperborea, a land beyond the far north that is lush and green and where the sun is always shining. To reach this far off land, one must travel beyond Boreas, the North Wind. Canadian winter months can sometimes feel like journeying to Hyperborea; Each day that we bundle up to face the frigid winds, we remember the pr...
Knitting: Throw
Arboria features a tree bursting forth with lacy leaves, making an unusual and organic-looking cabled blanket. Borders feature a simple classic cable punctuated by a pretty leaf detail at each corner. It is the ideal baby blanket, wedding gift, or heirloom treasure that will be passed down for generations.
Knitting: Mittens
While browsing through my vintage pattern collection, I came across a Knit-O-Graf catalogue picture of a 1950’s child’s mitten with a gun motif (no pattern, sadly). Growing up, toy weapons had been discouraged in our house, so the idea of these mittens especially made me chuckle. Since I wasn’t allowed to play with toy guns growing up, this desi...
Knitting: Cowl
Have you ever had a skein of very “busy” hand dyed or handspun yarn that wouldn’t be tamed? This design started with a gorgeous skein of hand dyed wool was re-knitted many times. It obscured any stitch pattern and the colors pooled in a strange way. It just couldn’t decide what it wanted to be! Lion Tamer Cowl was finally the answer!
Knitting: Cowl
“Winter whispers in the wind as maple leaves fall around me, creating a carpet of fire ready to soothe the snow. “
Knitting: Headband
This unique piece was created when trying to find a use for a very small amount of beaver fur yarn. Chaplet Earmuff Crown is my favorite piece of headwear for its warmth, practicality and fit over nearly any hairstyle. When not being worn, it is a mysterious item; When worn it is an attractive cross between headband, hat and crown, evoking a med...
Knitting: Cowl
A little bit of lacy luxury about my chin always makes me feel beautiful (and clever, too)! Vanora is a pretty and practical fluted lace cowl to knit up in your favorite cozy sport weight yarn. It is shaped by changing needle size, so no increasing in pattern required. The body of the cowl features an interesting and angular pendant lace motif (...
Knitting: Cape
In the 1960’s to 1980’s, some Canadian urbanites went back to the land by emigrating to remote Ontario rural communities like the little town of Harrowsmith in the Ottawa Valley. Disenchanted with city life, they built their homesteads as did the first settlers and plowed the rocky soil in hopes of eking out a simple life in rugged conditions. W...
Knitting: Cowl
Color work has taken my fancy lately and I have been trying out alternative techniques to stranded (Fair Isle) color work. Rowlock Cowl features Barbara Walker’s “Wave and Box” stitch, an amazing motif that employs slip stitches and alternating the two colors every row, avoiding the need to carry yarn along the back of the work. I love the way t...
Knitting: Pillow / Cushion
Two Become One is the perfect wedding gift! This striking pillow features Barbara Walker’s classic entwined tree motif, symbolizing the union of marriage and growth. The back is made in two pieces in simple stockinette punctuated by large buttons, making this pillow cover completely removable and washable. The chart has been updated and colored ...
Knitting: Tee
A walk in the woods is a cool reprieve from the heat of the summer sun. In its cool caverns plant life bursts forth, reaching for the dappling sun. I tiptoe through the Lady slippers, Trilliums, and Black-Eyed Susans as they nod their heads in silent greeting.
Knitting: Beret, Tam
The Rocky Mountains are home to free spirits who have left city life to spend days working the land and nights dancing in the moonlight. The Birken Beauty grows her hair long, goes shoeless as much as possible, and finds satisfaction in hard work that feeds her and her community. She shares her innermost secrets with Mother Earth.
Knitting: Mittens, Fingerless Gloves
Let’s get down to Brass Tacks! These basic mittens/ fingerless mitts are a staple in your knitting repertoire! They are designed for the whole family and are ideal for charity knitting or the perfect quick gift. Three sizes will fit anyone you know and love!
Knitting: Beanie, Toque
Let’s get down to Brass Tacks! This simple hat is a staple in your knitting repertoire! Make it a fitted beanie, or extend the length for a slouchy look: This hat is designed for the whole family. It would also be ideal for charity knitting or, knit in a soft yarn, the perfect chemo cap. Three sizes will fit anyone you know and love!
Knitting: Scarf, Shawl / Wrap
Creeping tendrils of purple vetch knotted among the tall grass are a welcome snack for passing cows and little girls put out to pasture for the day. As a young girl, my sister and I would suckle at these lovely purple flowers to take in the hint of sweet nectar the last bumble bee had missed. We marveled at how this seemingly delicate plant coul...
Knitting: Shawl / Wrap
A wrap so nice, I’ll make it twice! This is a warm weather version my best-selling Walkover Wrap. It features the simple beauty of garter stitch with the addition of easy lace columns, making it ideal for first-time lace knitters who want to start slowly. Three buttons and one buttonhole give many wearing options. Have fun choosing the perfect b...
Knitting: Shawl / Wrap
Everton Lace Wrap is created in two pieces from the ends towards the welted center panel that flares into a shawl collar along the upper edge. Filigree lace bursts forth in the body of the wrap, creating a lovely textured lace of twisted stitches and eyelets. The motif is fun to work and easy short rows to flare the collar will keep you on your ...
Knitting: Shawl / Wrap
Winter’s Last Breath is a shawl that features the simple of beauty of garter stitch contrasted with a delicate beaded lace border. The elongated crescent shape is knit in one piece from tip to tip. This construction method allows for easy modification of height, length and shape (crescent or triangle). Hand painted and variegated yarns shine in ...
Knitting: Brooch
Celebrate Spring with us! Stitch a Flower! Welcome Spring 2013 at Fern Resort in Orillia, Ontario with the first annual YarnOver SleepOver Retreat! Classes will interest knitters, crocheters, dyers and machine knitters alike. This event is being hosted by a group of Ontario fiber industry professionals. Stitch with familiar faces and make new fr...
Knitting: Cloche Hat
This hat’s name speaks for itself; It is two identical hats in one! Have fun choosing a pair of matching or high contrast colors for your Replica Reversible Hat. A luxurious kid mohair and silk blend makes a warm, yet sculptural topper. Starting at the brim with a provisional cast-on, the first hat is worked in the round to the top of the crown....
Knitting: Scarf, Beanie, Toque
Bold, simple cables are what the Traveling Cable Hat and Scarf Set are all about! If you are a newer cable knitter, this pattern graduates knitters from basic cable columns to moving simple cables across a purl background. Cables are fun and easy to knit in a chunky gauge and a brightly coloured yarn like Cascade Pacific Chunky!
Knitting: Cowl
Shhh! It’s not fairisle! The amazing “Techni-Cowl” is deceptively simple and fun to work in the mosaic knitting technique. A solid color yarn and Noro work together to fantastic technicolor effect. Try two similar shades for more a monochromatic look or two color changers for a really psychedelic knitting experience!
Knitting: Cowl
The No Rules Cowl is for experimentation! I am normally a real stickler for gauge, but I find knitting a cowl is always a bit more spontaneous. If my stitch choice ends up making the cowl a bit looser than expected, it is the best opportunity to wear a lovely vintage broach (always better a cowl be a bit too loose than too tight!) If you are usi...
Knitting: Headband, Beanie, Toque
Art Deco artist and wealthy bohemian Tamara de Lempicka represented the height of glamour in Jazz Age Paris. She was reputed to have had a very large hat collection that appears frequently in her paintings. I don’t know if she was a knitter, but I am sure she would have appreciated this hat (or headband!) that bears her name!
Knitting: Scarf, Shawl / Wrap
Walkover (wawk-oh-ver): Noun; A walking or trotting over the course by a contestant who is the only starter; an unopposed or easy victory; any task easily done… such as the Walkover Wrap!
Knitting: Scarf, Shawl / Wrap
Ospringe Cabled Wrap is a versatile garment for the colder months. Wear over a winter coat for extra warmth or about your shoulders in a drafty room. The cable is fun to knit and will keep you on your toes, undulating back and forth across the center panel. The top length of the wrap is built up with a wide ribbed shawl collar that tapers at eac...
Knitting: Shawl / Wrap
The Gordon Street Shawl is unique for its geometric design of interlocking diamonds. A triangle shawl; starting at the center top and bound off along the bottom edge; grows quickly in this fun and easy lace motif. People have often told me that the pattern is reminiscent of crocheted granny squares! This shawl is a must-have for your knitted sha...
Knitting: Shawl / Wrap
Cork Street Reversible Shawl features columns of garter stitch and eyelets, increasing in such a way that the shawl grows into a heart shape. This traditional triangle shawl begins at the center top with a unique tab technique using Judy’s Magic Cast-on (optional) and grows outward to the bottom. The edge is weighted with a wide ribbed fri...
Knitting: Cowl
The Never-Ending Cowl is truly NEVER ENDING as there are no seams or discernible cast-on edge. In fact, this pattern is so simple, it is really more of a knitting exercise in perfecting the provisional cast-on and grafting ( also called kitchener stitch).
Knitting: Cowl, Shawl / Wrap, Neck / Torso - Other
After a harsh winter, we will welcome a Mild May! This convertible ripple lace cowl is knit is the round with no seams. The simple ripple lace motif is great for beginners- adding stitch markers between repeats makes keeping track even easier! The instructions are given in chart and written form. Because of the unique movement of the stitch patt...
Knitting: Cardigan, Vest
Grommet is a cap sleeved cardigan-vest hybrid that is knit entirely in one piece with no finishing! The soft hand of this wool, llama and silk blend is a dream to knit with and, using a large needle size, you are sure to speed through this project. The result is a garment with a lovely drape and a flattering silhouette for any body type.
Knitting: Scarf
Ashcot; noun:



Knitting: Beanie, Toque
Joyful January is a smart hybrid hat that is fitted enough for the beanie lover and has a little slouch in the back for the beret lover. It is a quick knit requiring less than a 200 yards of worsted weight yarn. This design is great for featuring that special embellishment you’ve been looking to add to your hats, such as a vintage button or broo...
Knitting: Cloche Hat
While experimenting with knitting warmer weather hats, Saugeen Summer Lace Cloche was designed on a canoe trip down the Saugeen river in Southern Ontario. Knit in a cotton linen blend, the fishtail lace motif offers ventilation while the double-thick sloped brim shades the eyes. Saugeen Summer Lace cloche is constructed in the round, top-down. T...
Knitting: Earflap Hat
One of my first designs, Lichen is a classic earflap hat that has been keeping me warm for years! Moss stitch stripes add texture to this easy knit. The earflaps are knit flat first, then joined in the round at the brim and worked to the crown at the top of the head. A fluffy pom-pom can be applied to the crown or, as shown, suspended from the e...
Knitting: Headband
Inspired by flapper styles of the Roaring Twenties, the Clematis Flower Headband makes a warm alternative to a traditional winter topper, especially for a lady who has trouble finding a hat to fit over her ponytail. So wearable, you will still be sporting your headband long after the spring flowers have popped up! It’s a quick knit, requiring le...
Knitting: Beanie, Toque
Knit up in Bulky Alpaca yarn, ‘Rosemary’ features a braided brim with a textured motif over the body of the hat. The braid is knit first, the stitches of the body are picked up along the selvage edge and worked to an invisibly decreasing crown. The “button” is made from a small I-cord, but could be replaced with a button of your choi...
Knitting: Headband
Inspired by the lush full rose of the same name, the American Beauty Rose Headband is a great alternative for a committed ponytail wearer looking to keep her ears warm. The headband is given in four sizes, suitable for a beauty of any age! American Beauty will make you to think of spring all winter long. A true rose without a thorn!