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Crochet: Shawl / Wrap
This gorgeous wrap is made in Tunisian knit stitch entrelac. It also includes my technique for leaving some of the squares open. You will want to be a pretty confident crocheter, and familiar with tunisian crochet before beginning this pattern. Or, if you are not very well-versed in crochet and tunisian crochet, plan to get help from a friend or...
Crochet: Beanie, Toque, Stocking
This intriguing hat is simple in its design, but makes a big statement. The motifs have cables worked from the center-out. The edges of the joined motifs, the cables, and the corner increase spaces all produce visual lines that interact to make an interesting geometrical piece.
Knitting: Scarf, Cowl
A beautiful, textured scarf, “Coral Current Cowl” is a great, warm accessory for looking nice and staying warm when you’re enjoying the outdoors in the colder months. It has wide cables separated by columns of garter stitch. The thick-and-thin, striping yarn gives the cowl interesting texture and beautiful color! It is so soft ...
Crochet: Cowl
This simple cowl is perfect for both women and men. With a difficulty level of “Easy” this would be a great project for someone that has tackled a few beginning projects and is ready to try something only slightly more complicated. You’ll need to know how to make post stitches, both back and front, as well as how to join rounds...
Crochet: Cowl
This ruffled sparkly neckwarmer can be worn as a cowl or scarf and will be a fun accessory for your cold weather wardrobe. It is 4yds long and can be coiled around your neck to the desired length, or folded in half to make a 72” scarf.
Crochet: Scarf
This lovely beaded scarf is stitch in a chevron stitch and in a chevron mesh stitch that i developed. The subtle color changes in the Jojoland yarn make a beautiful scarf that is a slightly different color in each new set of solid chevron rows. The combination is beautiful! The stitches are not complicated. The difficulty level is easy. Enjoy!
Crochet: Scarf
This fun scarf is constructed with layered rows of fans. It is beautiful, and very warm made in wool. The long sections of varied color add to the visual appeal of this scarf. The edges of the fans often wind up being a different color than the rest of the fan, making for a beautiful combination of color.
Crochet: Beanie, Toque
This adoreable hat in baby sizes is made to match my “Sweet Little Rounded Mittens” and “Sweet Little Mittens” patterns. It is written in preemie, newborn, 6 mo, 12 mo, 2 yr, and 3 yr sizes based on average measurements. You will get the best results if you can measure the baby’s head before you begin, but you can u...
Crochet: Scarf, Mittens, Beanie, Toque
This crochet pattern is for a winter accessories set for older teenage boys and men. The hat and mitten patterns are written in two different sizes. The stitch pattern and yarn used in these accessories creates a very warm set with a dense, but flexible fabric. The stitch pattern is all in post stitches, which tip the tops of the stitches inward...
Crochet: Mittens
This is an simplified adaptation of my original “Sweet Little Mittens” pattern. The original mitten was long and narrow-shaped. This pattern “Sweet Little (Rounded) Mittens” is, as you might guess, more rounded. The cuff is also lengthened to help them stay on.
Crochet: Shorts, Pants
Graceful, and cute as a button!
Crochet: Mittens
I started out making these stylish little mittens to sell in my store. I then got more into selling patterns and this is the first one that I had for sale in my personal pattern line, so it is a favorite ;). The name is “Sweet Little Mittens” with the emphasis on the “Sweet” as in cool or awesome. I’ve made these fo...