Joyce D. Lewis

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Crochet: Tote
Except for a few turning chains, every stitch in this interesting bag is a single crochet. There are more than a dozen different versions of sc used, each one described step-by-step, and offering up a different texture. You will learn the difference between a yarn over and a yarn under, why it matters, and when to do one or the other.
Crochet: Craft - Other
Display your hand made hats in style with this adult sized mannequin head. Worked in a spiral, and entirely in single crochet, it’s a straightforward project with just a bit of hand sewing to attach the base to the head.
Crochet: Earflap Hat
I’m not sure whether this should be called a hat, a cap, a helmet, or a bonnet, but I am sure that it keeps my ears warm, and that was the whole point. It’s done in half double crochet worked into both back loops (BBL), which leaves an interesting horizontal bar running along the rounds on the right side of the fabric and creates a very smooth ...
Crochet: Afghan block
Inspired by an antique edging published in 1899, called Bee Hive Lace, this 12” block was designed especially for Melinda Miller’s Designer Showcase Crochet-A-Long. It’s an unconventional block and should be considered intermediate level.
Crochet: Poncho
My dear friend Terra casually asked my opinion on what sort of shoulder wrap would suit her. My opinion? My own design, of course, inspired by several antique laces, a field of flowers and an unusual “multi-garment for men” pattern that was published more than a hundred years ago. This wrap can be worn as pictured, covering the shoulders and up...
Crochet: Afghan block
Counterpoint is the re-working of the very first block I ever designed. It was inspired by several vintage patterns and worked in DK yarn, this new 12 inch version is intended for use with worsted weight yarn. Those of you who are familiar with my work will recognize the “special stitches”. What you may not know is that the ring of picots in th...
Crochet: Purse / Handbag
Tapestry Crochet, surface crochet, and a chain-loop version of the popular Crocodile Stitch are used to create this unique motif, and whether you see it as a flower, a multi-point star, or a mandala, this motif is a whole lot of fun. It can be exuberantly colorful or elegantly monochromatic. Make one in poinsettia colors for the holiday season,...
Crochet: Purse / Handbag
This pretty shoulder bag is made using the Crown Chevron motif. American terminology is used throughout.
Crochet: Afghan block
This block began with the net-like section, which was inspired by a vintage doily. While wandering the internet, looking at pictures of doilies, I ran across the story of Robert D’Oyley, a follower of William the Conqueror. He was given a grant of land in exchange for an annual payment of table mats valued at three shillings…which was probably ...
Crochet: Shawl / Wrap
The body of this shoulder wrap is worked in linen stitch (also known as granite, moss and woven stitch), which provides all the coverage of solid sc fabric without most of the weight and stiffness of such a solid fabric. In fact, the drape is fantastic! Done correctly, it will flow through your fingers like water.
Crochet: Potholder
Wool is such a great insulator, and this 8 inch potholder places layers of felted wool between your hand and your hot pots and pans. It’s also pretty enough to brighten up your kitchen as a hot pad or a wall hanging.
Crochet: Throw
The motif in this afghan was inspired by an antique lace, it’s light and open but solid enough for warmth. It’s a bright, cheerful bit of Springtime with a unique edging.
Crochet: Fingerless Gloves
Worked in the round, from the top down, these mitts extend from mid-finger to below the wrist. As written, this pattern creates a warm mitt that allows the wearer to keyboard or text comfortably, however it is long enough to interfere with the yarn if the wearer tries to crochet.
Crochet: Beanie, Toque
It’s never too soon to start your Christmas crocheting and this fitted cap with adjustable straps is just the right size to work on in the heat of Summer. With the stretchy straps and buttons at the back, it can be made to fit any size head from teen to large adult and it will hug your head in cozy comfort.
Crochet: Shawl / Wrap
Although elegant enough for formal wear, this asymmetrical wrap would be equally at ease with business dress or blue jeans. The design was inspired by a century-old lace found in an anonymous antique sampler; the instructions for the original lace are included in this file.
Crochet: Afghan block
This elegant square began with the off-kilter blocks of double crochet from another one of my patterns, and it ended with two optional centers and a cluster/shell stitch that I’ve never seen before. Instructions are given for making a block in a single color; if you prefer to change colors, simply replace the beginning chain with the appropriat...
Crochet: Hanging Ornament
Made with DK weight yarn, this little pineapple is just 4 inches tall. It was designed in honor of the 2016 CGOA conference in Charleston, SC. The theme for the conference is “pineapples”, which stand for “welcome” and “hospitality”. This one will function as a luggage tag, door hanger, or decoration.
Crochet: Scarf
The Queen Anne’s Lace motif has been popular for more than a hundred years and can be found in most stitch encyclopedias. Typically, the lace begins and ends with asymmetrical or partial circles. This scarf differs in that it has a full circle at each end and an S-shaped join at the center back.
Crochet: Afghan block
Designed to be a 12 inch block, this pattern uses front post stitches to create a ribbed center, set on point, and standard lacy stitches to frame and contrast the ribbed section.
Crochet: Afghan block
This pattern uses an unusual floral motif, lace, shells, and post stitches to create a unique 12 inch square.
Crochet: Wristlet, Cozy - Other
Worked flat and featuring a nearly invisible join, this little wrist bag, made with slip stitch ribbing, will cuddle your yarn cake and keep it safely at hand when you’re crocheting, either in public or at home. The fabric is remarkably stretchy and will accommodate a yarn cake from 50 to 100 grams in weight. To prevent tangling when working “t...
Crochet: Afghan block, Floral block
This amazing afghan block uses surface crochet and a chain-loop version of the popular Crocodile Stitch to produce a glorious floral motif. Whether you work it up in a single color, go with the sunflower colors in the above picture, or choose your own favorite shades, this block will earn its place in your next afghan.
Crochet: Afghan block
The central motif in this unusual block is a triquetra, an unbroken line forming three overlapping loops. It’s a well-known and often-used shape in Celtic culture, and any number of meanings have been ascribed to it over the centuries. The mystique surrounding this shape continues to this day. This intermediate/advanced level pattern makes use ...
Crochet: Cowl
This unusual shoulder wrap consists of a slip stitch collar and a textured crochet strip, which wraps over and under itself, to form an unbroken triple loop called a triquetra. The Triquetra is a symbol used in Gaelic mythology and has had many meanings over the millennia…it may, or may not, be magical. It is certainly fascinating, and this wra...
Crochet: Scarf
“Ewww…Tunisian crochet is thick and stiff and the edges curl up!” Well, that’s the myth, at least. This delightful scarf busts all of those claims. The fabric is soft, supple, and so thin that the scarf will scrunch up into a tiny ball.
Crochet: Floral block
There has been some interest lately in using the crocodile stitch in a “flower” afghan block. It is usually worked in rows, not rounds, but the scales look so much like petals that using them in a flower seems an obvious step. This variation on the original stitch is my attempt at incorporating this popular motif into a square, worked-in-the-ro...
Crochet: Floral block
Ten petals, simple transitions and just challenging enough to be interesting…This 9 inch square was made using Red Heart Super Saver (Lilac, Dark Plum and Light Raspberry) worsted weight yarn and a size H hook. Super tester, Muffetsmom, used Red Heart Holiday and a size G hook for her 9 inch square. Your size will vary depending upon your yarn,...
Crochet: Crochet Hook Holder
This is more a guide than a precise pattern, you will have to make adjustments based upon the size of your container, the yarn and hook you use, and your tension.