Jessie Driscoll

Patterns available as Ravelry Downloads

Knitting: Doll Clothes
Here’s a sweet, feminine dress for Blythe. The torso is knitted back and forth, flat, and the skirt and sleeves are done in-the-round. There are no seams (yay)! The back of the top is closed with a small length of yarn.
Knitting: Doll Clothes
Blythe wanted a Wollmeise sweater! Who can blame her? This top-down, seamless sweater is worked back and forth over the body, and the sleeves are done in-the-round on dpns. It can be back fastening or front-fastening (worn as a cardigan). This sweater is quick, easy and reversible. Knit this stylish sweater for your Blythe with Wollmeise Pure o...
Knitting: Toy Food
My Blythe doll was hungry, so I designed a carrot for her. It would make a lovely earring or pendant, I think!
Knitting: Doll Clothes
This simple, yet elegant raglan sweater is lovely on Barbie. You can use sport to DK weight yarn (whichever makes the gauge fairy happy). It’s a top-down, seamless (!), quick knit.
Knitting: Applique / Embellishment
Here’s a design I came up with, combining (what I consider to be) the best aspects of all of the acorn patterns I’ve found (and adding my own flavor, too). I’m happy to offer the pattern for free.
Knitting: Doll Clothes
Blythe wants in on the owl craze! This delightful raglan sweater is worked top-down on dpns. The body is worked back and forth, flat, and the sleeves are done in the round. There is no seam! The back is open, and I used snaps for closure, but you might want to use velcro or ties. The owl is cabled right into the body of the sweater, and the out...
Knitting: Scarf
Perhaps you’ve seen my Linus Elf Hat (pattern available separately for download). My daughter noticed that her brother was getting a ton of positive attention everywhere we went, and she was starting to feel a bit left out, so I made her a feminine ruffled hat scarf, and now she is sharing in the positive attention. I made her hat scarf from 4 ...
Knitting: Booties
An old friend and I were pregnant at the same time, and at roughly the same point in pregnancy, when her baby was born early at 25 weeks. I designed and knit these booties for Olivia. These simple booties are knit back and forth, flat, on two dpns (necessary for the icord ties), and there is one small seam to sew at the end. Pattern includes ro...
Knitting: Knee-highs
I came across this lovely natural wool farm yarn and it begged to be knitted into soft, long socks for my toddler. I put a lot of care into designing a sculpted sock that would fit a toddler leg perfectly, and I am very happy with the results. My toddler is, of course, at the age where he pulls off his socks. He hugs them as soon as he gets the...
Crochet: Scarf
Here is an easy to crochet, but delightfully satisfying scarf! Pattern is written for lace to light fingering weight yarn and an E hook, but I have crocheted these in various yarn weights/hook sizes. The stitch is totally adaptable. As crocheted in the example, it takes about 300 yards. Enjoy!
Knitting: Doll Clothes
Here’s a lovely top-down, one-piece raglan shirt for Blythe. The torso (with short sleeves) is knitted back and forth, flat, and the skirt is done in-the-round. There are no seams (yay)!
Knitting: Electronics Cozy
I got some gorgeous Moonrover batts in a muted rainbow colorway, and I spun a trial skein from one of the rolags, wanting to see if it would make good sock yarn. It did! I started knitting a sock and ran out of my test skein pretty quickly, as it was only 42 yards long. The partial sock sat in a drawer, waiting for me to spin more yarn for it, ...
Knitting: Money Purse
Designed for the March 2011 Phat Fiber Box, theme: Sweet Shop, here is a lovely and fun change purse for you to knit! It features seed stitch worked in-the-round, and stockinette and garter worked back and forth, flat, as well as i-cord for the loop. Stitches are detailed in the instructions, presented in easy-to-follow language. The change pur...
Knitting: Doll Clothes
Here’s a top-down raglan sweater dress for Blythe. The body is knitted back and forth, flat, and the sleeves are done in-the-round. There are no seams (yay)! You can close the back with snaps, velcro or tied ribbons. Bonus: put it on her backwards and you have a coat!
Knitting: Cozy - Other
This detailed, stitch by stitch, row by row pattern is a top-down, seamless, in-the-round quick knit. Enjoy!
Knitting: Doll Clothes
Here is a lovely, intricate sock for Blythe! I spent a long time working out the shaping. It fits her calf and foot beautifully. A shaped, detailed sock, done in miniature. Treat your Blythe doll to a pair of gourmet socks! :)
Knitting: Earrings
Raglan Sweater Earrings - how neat! It’s a top-down, seamless circular knit with some colorwork thrown in. Pattern includes detailed, stitch by stitch and row by row instructions, as well as a chart for the front of the sweater. A delightful project. :)
Knitting: Beanie, Toque
I knitted this hat in fingering weight handspun yarn. Pattern includes exact pattern I used (for fingering weight yarn, on size 2 dpns, but you can use circulars if you prefer them), plus instructions on how to calculate stitch count in order to make this hat with any yarn, and to fit any head (baby to adult) with a little math. :)
Crochet: Sports Equipment
This is a fun and fast project! I used Nightlights yarn and my kids love to play with it in the dark at bed time, but you can use any yarn! Fabric should be dense, and you can change yarn and hook size to alter the finished size. You’ll be amazed how well this works! I’m, um, not very sporty, myself, but I can throw this thing at least 30 feet!...
Crochet: Drawstring Bag
A great project for nice yarn leftovers, I created this amulet bag/pouch to carry a stone that I loved, but didn’t want to set in jewelry. I did it with fingering weight yarn and a B (2.25mm) hook, but you could alter that. The pattern for this bag is included in the download, plus advice on increasing more or less, depending on how big or litt...
Crochet: Animal Toy
Welcome to Finbar’s world. I am REALLY proud of this pattern.
Crochet: Applique / Embellishment
Here is a lovely butterfly for you to crochet! Worked in one piece in the Irish Crochet tradition, but with totally modern language and clear, specific directions, it is elaborate, but not difficult. The result is well-worth the hour it might take you to make! You could sew it onto something as an applique, or crochet it into a lacy piece, or a...
Crochet: Rug
This rug was crocheted with a size U (25mm) crochet hook, using 6 strands of (Fraydknot) handspun bulky weight yarn held together, working in new strands as old ones ended. In the Big Stitch tradition, you can use any combination of yarns you’d like (GREAT for stash-busting)! I chose a color progression I wanted, balled up the yarn and laid it ...
Knitting: Scarf
Please note: This hat scarf is unisex. Please see the Rose Elf Hat Scarf Pattern, also available for download, for a ruffled feminine version.