Melanie Rose

Patterns available as Ravelry Downloads

Knitting: Mittens
I’ve always loved the look of Eye of Partridge pattern, but I’ve only ever seen it on sock heels. It’s commonly used in sock heels because it is double-thick, and therefore extra sturdy and warm. Both qualities that are also put to good use in mittens. These mittens also have an optional escape hatch for your thumbs so that you can keep up with...
Knitting: Beret, Tam
This beret style hat fits low over the ears with a moderate amount of drape. The dimple stitch pattern reminds me of thermal underwear and extra layers and steaming mugs of tea. It will look best if made with a fiber blend that has a bit of drape and will hold a block nicely. I used a blend that was 84% alpaca, 8% wool, and 8% nylon. The finish...
Knitting: Cowl
This cowl was originally designed to use up some handspun for which I could not find the right project. The roving was a wool silk blend that spun up absolutely buttery. I’m not sure if it was the color or the texture of the yarn, but no matter what lacy shawl or scarf pattern I tried to pair it with, it always ended up looking rough and rustic...
Knitting: Beanie, Toque
My boyfriend is notoriously picky about the knitwear he is willing to wear. Sometimes I will be thinking a new design is the height of manliness only to have him point out some aspect that is, in some way, “girly.” This hat was designed specifically for him, and the men like him, who have a very… specific… aesthetic that demands simplicity, fun...
Knitting: Throw, Baby Blanket
A blanket based on the mathematical golden ratio. This blanket starts with the smallest block and stitches are picked up to add subsequent blocks. The blanket is finished with an applied I-cord edge.
Knitting: Shawl / Wrap
Perfect for pulling out of your purse on a breezy spring day, this is a triangular shawl knit from the center-back out. The body of the shawl is stockinette, which is edged with a simple lace repeat.