Terri Shea

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Knitting: Shawl / Wrap
I love large swathes of repeating patterns. This floaty shawl, knit in a simple Estonian lace repeat, is an easy knit for intermediate lace knitters, or a great way for beginners to train their hands to work with such fine yarn.
Knitting: Mittens
This pattern is classic Selbu, often seen as spiders in pine boughs, weaving evergreen webs of love. Mittens were a traditional gift given to the men attending a wedding. I have used a lace cuff instead, making these women’s mittens, but you can use ribbing if you prefer. (It’s in the pattern.) Warm hands; what could be more romantic?
Knitting: Gloves
This original design is based on my extensive research into the Selbu knitting tradition. Gloves, like mittens, are worked from the cuff up, incorporating a gusseted thumb set into the palm, with a rich array of folkloric design patterns on every section. Knit them in a wool or wool blend yarn for best effect. Changing the gauge will change the...
Knitting: Mittens
Use striking color in Selbu style knitting for an extra punch. The Tulip Mittens were designed for a child, but fit my hand, too. Thanks to the construction, they can be sized up simply by using a larger needle, and heavier yarn, if desired. Pattern includes full chart and color photos.
Knitting: Mittens
This traditional Selbu style mitten was inspired by my cat. Not uncommon, right? We all knit for our cats? Poor Baby kitty was wasting away, panting, and just plain failing. A trip to the vet uncovered heart failure - at only three years of age! She received excellent care, and is recovering beautifully, but the bills total led over $2500, plus...
Knitting: Cardigan
Roses for love, pomegranates for life. Spring can be cold, so be sure to bundle up in a sweater that speaks of spring while warming for winter. Then keep wearing it all year long. Norwegians have worn sweaters featuring in a rosepattern allover since the mid 19th century. I’ve kept the old feel, with a pattern that can be made in the traditiona...
Knitting: Cardigan
All too often knitters will slave over a special project then
Knitting: Poncho
I designed this pattern in 2004, when three knitting trends were at the top of their interest: modular knitting, big yarn/big needles, and ponchos. In theory it might be dated, but this simple garment still gets compliments, every time I wear it. Spinners and especially farmers, love the arms free length. Wear it with a button up or long sleeve...
Knitting: Cardigan
This is my favorite every-day sweater; warm enough on a cool day yet light and comfortable when it’s warm. The Falling Leaves stitch pattern is a simple but striking lace pattern. It’s easier than it looks, since all of the work is done on the Right side, and the Wrong side is just purled. The edges and collar are worked in garter stitch. In th...