Sarah Pope

Patterns available as Ravelry Downloads

Knitting: Beanie, Toque
The Ostby hat is a light, warm cap to stuff in your pocket in case it’s chilly farther up the mountain. A simple, intuitive motif of traveling stitches plays across the surface of the fabric and the decorative crown decreases echo the design. I created this hat as part of Abundant Earth Fiber’s Cormo celebration in 2019; the sample is knit with...
Knitting: Cowl
Inspired by Anni Albers’s woven artworks of the late 1950s, this cowl leads two strands of yarn in a dance Anna Maltz dubbed “marlisle”—the colors perform both singly and held together. Garter stitch portions of the Anni cowl use both yarns at once, while the cabled blocks are solid colored or striped with the resting yarn stranded behind. The ...
Knitting: Pullover
A striking lace yoke crowns a gently cropped, boxy pullover
Knitting: Beanie, Toque
This pattern was generously donated to Abundant Earth Fiber by Sarah Pope following the “Great Yarn Heist.” It is available for purchase from the website.
Knitting: Pullover
This pullover is worked in the round from the bottom up, with a mantle of stars decorating the circular yoke. The star motifs, worked in purls and traveling stitches, are adapted from a traditional Danish design cataloged by Vivian Hoxbro, but my choice to place them in a ring below the neckline is influenced by Shetland yoke patterning. The ef...
Knitting: Pullover
This pattern was originally published in issue 4 of Laine Magazine.
Knitting: Pullover
Lalita is pullover tunic designed for active play, with all the
Knitting: Fingerless Gloves
The Winter Isle mitts were designed to show off the natural shades of Shetland wool. I chose island winter imagery — dripping evergreens and wind-lashed waves — in homage to our Northwest home. The colorwork is adapted from a Scandinavian pine bough motif that appears in traditional knitting, while the peerie waves are a Shetland design.
Knitting: Vest
Littlewing was designed to be an utterly basic garment—something simple enough for a beginner to knit and for the newest parent, still awed by the fragility of a tender babe, to put on. This garter-stitch vest has a one-piece construction (no seaming!) and can be opened out flat so that you simply place the baby atop the back section, flip the ...
Knitting: Beanie, Toque
Short rows shape the asymmetrical brim of this 1920s-inspired lace cap, which frames the face with gently scalloped garter stitch before opening into simple Fir Cone lace. Knit to three possible lengths to create just the right volume of slouch for your desired silhouette—it’s modeled in the longest size here. The Fir Cone cap was born as a com...
Knitting: Shawl / Wrap
Pascaline is a cozy stockinet wrap for understated elegance in any season. Work it in bulky wool, linen tape, or even a laceweight yarn with a halo of mohair for different effects. Geometric shaping is achieved with short rows and a cabled edge adds subtle detail. The wrap’s construction makes it easy to work a kite-shaped panel of any size in ...
Knitting: Cardigan
Chicory is knit from the bottom up in one piece in reverse stockinet, with garter stitch button bands and tidy slipped edges worked together with the body. Stitches for the circular yoke can be cast on provisionally or by the backward loop method; small sleeve caps are picked up from that cast-on edge and worked down… unless you prefer longer s...
Knitting: Mid-calf Socks
The term andamento describes the visual flow of individual pieces within a mosaic. I created this pattern of slipped stitches snaking across a fabric of garter rib to make the most of a variegated yarn, using a flowing element to draw the eye over the streaks and pools of color.
Knitting: Dress
Winter Garden is a little girls’ woolen jumper with a stranded colorwork motif to brighten the winter landscape. Worked at a fine gauge in a woolen-spun 2-ply wool, the jumper is light but warm, beautiful enough for festive occasions but not too precious for puddle stomping. The details in this design make it at least an adventurous intermediat...
Knitting: Cardigan
Pomander is a decorative cardigan to warm a special baby. The cabled swags trimming the seed-stitch yoke recall celebratory buntings, and optional subtle cables travel down the sleeves for a bit of extra style. The intricate details in this design make it at least an adventurous intermediate-level project, and you’ll have to work from a chart f...
Knitting: Pullover
My first-ever sweater pattern, a unisex raglan for children with a Barbara Walker twisted tree motif decorating the sides and decrease points. At some point I’ll revisit this idea and massage my decade of further design experience into the pattern, but this version will remain available as a free download.