Vicki's shawl
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Vicki's shawl

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Pi Are Square Shawl WG 38 by Elizabeth Zimmermann
Neck / TorsoShawl / Wrap
Needles & yarn
Artesano Alpaca Silk Lace
Artesano Yarns

Very honoured to be asked to knit a shawl for a bride (whom I have known since she was a tween, I think!).

I’m going to add: Size 8 Seed Beads Pearl Ivory AB
Pack Size: 100g
From The Bead Shop (Nottingham) (through Amazon) as I get near to the end, both for sparkle and to add a bit of weight to the shawl.

I will be following the general recipe for a Pi shawl, but of course adapting it as I go along.

NOTE TO NON-KNITTERS READING (I’ve opened this up to be public) Please don’t think the shawl will look this… messy, when it’s finished. It will be blocked (eg wet, and then streettccchhhhed within an inch of its life, and pinned out). You can see the difference blocking makes between the 4th and 5th photos HERE (the colour of the shawl didn’t change, it’s just the photo with the better colours was taken in sunlight, which was a rare commodity that year!). Or look at the difference between the two HERE.

19 7 15
Started today (on drive back from Dorchester - I was not driving!). Using 3.75 needles at the start.

After the first increase, have changed the centre bit to stocking stitch, to both make it look smoother and to set the scene for the rest of the work. I’ll start the pattern - probably arrow lace - after the next increase row.

At the moment, am planning:

Arrow Lace (till next increase)

Then possibly horseshoe lace (will put a lifeline in before that begins) till next increase

And Feather and Fan (Old Shale) from there on.

Not sure yet what I will do for an edging…. there’s much to be said for just knitting on in Old Shale, and ending with a couple of rows of garter stitch, but may decide to put a lace border on. Will see how we go.

Wedding is in November!

20 7 15

Ripped out what I had and started again - the 3.75 needles were too big for the beginning of the shawl - have gone for 3.25 and it’s MUCH better.

21 7 15

Have started adding the beads and have moved on to a horseshoe pattern (which is inverted because the shawl is being worked top down…). Of course, that means that when the bride wears it, the ends of the shoe will be pointing UP, so the luck can not, as they say, run out :)

Knitting this while marking and just needed to come in and say this is some of the most wonderful wool I’ve worked with in ages! It’s slightly hairy (but only slightly) and so soft! I suspect it will also be quite warm. :)

28 7 15
I’m on the final increase round! At least, I don’t think there will be another after this - this is the 24 ridges section. I’ve moved to Old Shale, (feather and fan) and have been putting beads in different places in different rows - about every 8th row. I don’t want to put too many on, otherwise it may be too heavy for the shawl, as the wool is actually quite light - as someone said, it’s like knitting with a cloud!

2.8.15 Last night, I started the edging - we’re on the home straight, here! The edging, though is going to take FOREVER, as this thing is, um, rather large…

It’s done! That is, the knitting is done. It still needs to be blocked. :)

8 8 15 - Being blocked! And partially on a towel, due to kitty person having ravaged my blocking panels.

AND I’m off to buy flexible blocking wires - cause I can’t find mine…

It’s just over 31 inches down the front - should come just below the waist (it does on the dress form!).

It blocked to a half circle, rather than the typical U shape of a Pi shawl - not sure how that happened but it seems happy!

8.10.15 Sent to bride’s mother! And grateful thanks to the frolleague who modeled it in the last two pictures, before I whisked the shawl to the post office. :)

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