E.A. Kelley

eBooks available as Ravelry Downloads

eBook : 5 patterns

A foray into the world of Steampunk.

eBook : 4 patterns

A fun little flit through the scarves and cowls of E.A. Kelley

eBook : 3 patterns

A collection of 3 different historically inspired knit hoods.

eBook : 3 patterns

A small collection of E.A. Kelley patterns to cover your hands.

Patterns available as Ravelry Downloads

Crochet: Shawl / Wrap
I always fall in love with these great multi colored skeins, but then never really know what to knit with them, because usually the just pool up in funny blobs of color when knit up. Then one day when I was looking at a group of crochet projects it struck me just how perfect a medium crochet is for these skeins. I love the texture and flow that...
Knitting: Pixie Hat
the definition of arcane is something that is mysterious and understood by few people. Arcane Knowledge is a shawl that I imagine a long ago wise women would wear when visiting her folk dispensing all her knowledge of the world.
Crochet: Mid-calf Socks
Knitting: Knee-highs
These kilt hose are designed for my brother Patrick, and are intended to celebrate our Irish heritage.
Knitting: Cuffs
This started out as a swatch and developed into a fun little pattern. I hope you enjoy.
Knitting: Shawl / Wrap
A cute little Steampunk shawl with a little bit of a Celtic flair, this shawl will keep you cozy on those nippy nights.
Knitting: Gloves, Fingerless Gloves
Petit Riens, little nothings, is a flirty little French dance from the Renaissance period. The delicate yet subtle movements of dance are reflected in these gloves.
Knitting: Mittens
Inspired by the historical references to
Knitting: Cowl
Inspired by the yarn this cowl is right and proper for any fancy event.
Knitting: Brimmed Hat
Inspired by the Steampunk movement this jaunty little top hat is meant to be fun and flirty.
Knitting: Accessories - Other
A cute little silk/merino lace hanky, this is perfect for your something blue in you
Knitting: Drawstring Bag
The Bun Bindle is perfect for something to keep buns and biscuits warm on your holiday dinner table or a bundle to carry your picnic lunch.
Knitting: Scarf
A local knit guild put a call out for patterns to insert into their goody bags for the local
Knitting: Cowl
I found a super deal on a single skein of a gorgeous colorway of Mirasol Hacho and had to have it. Because there was only skein I knew I had to use it in sparing way. And so this cowl was born.
Knitting: Beanie, Toque
Knit in the round, this svelte little number is done in the classic Aran stitch: honeycomb. It is meant to evoke thoughts of a classic Aran sweater, yet have comfort that isn’t usually associated with the sweaters thanks to the sumptuous merino wool.
Knitting: Mittens
Mittens in the style of Calontir.
Knitting: Shawl / Wrap
A shawl inspired by the the song/poem of the same name.
Knitting: Cowl
Jane, one of my kind commenter on Dunlavy, had said she would like to see an addition of the classic “tail” to Dunlavy. This pattern is an attempt to satisfy that request.
Knitting: Drawstring Bag
Conceived out of a love of hand spinning this pattern is simple yet lovely. A place to put all things important to you.
Knitting: Shawl / Wrap
If you are looking for that perfect comfy, yet lacy, shawl this is the item for you. Made with Merino wool, it wraps you in the calming notes of a melodic lullaby of wool; all the while helping you to express a taste for the simple things in life. Wear it with pride and a love for all things knit.
Knitting: Bonnet, Pixie Hat
Based on a classic construction design with a little bit of shaping for the crown. I added cables for a little bit of visual interest. This hood is perfect for any time of the year as a little of bit cushion under any helm you are wearing or as a plain outer layer to protect you from the elements. Just pick a yarn and go.
Knitting: Shawl / Wrap
An attractive and simple shawl this garment is versatile enough to wear any time or place.
Knitting: Ankle Sock
An interesting vertical variation on the basket weave.
Knitting: Cowl
This pattern requires 5 dpns and 1 29 inch circular needle. Worked from the top down this hood is designed to evoke thoughts of the medieval period.
Knitting: Knee-highs
Designed to be adjustable, with a simple pattern, these kilt hose should be a long lasting heirloom. They are worked from the toe up in order to give you flexibility in the sizing.
Knitting: Belt
This is the designer’s take on a belly dancing belt. It is designed to be adjustable in size so even those of us with ample assets can shake our booty’s right off. It involves two different beading techniques.
Knitting: Fingerless Gloves
The original pattern is done in a discontinued yarn, but should do nicely in any worsted weight yarn.
Knitting: Ankle Sock
A split toe/tabi style sock designed to be worked from the toe up. This sock makes for a perfect lounging around the house garment.
Knitting: Scarf
As I looked around it seemed like everywhere I looked there was someone who had designed a scarf. So I decided to design one myself.
Knitting: Slippers
Requires 5 DPNs and involves advanced techniques such as cables, figure 8 CO, and Wrap and turn.