Mimi Alelis

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eBook : 4 patterns

These are smart-looking, practical and comfortable fashion accessories made for summer season or for tropical climate.

Patterns available as Ravelry Downloads

Crochet: Necklace
A lovely and unique crocheted flower pendant to accent your spring or summer outfit. This can also be made as a brooch or embellishment for other accessories.
Crochet: Toy Game
Dumbbell is approx. 5 1/2 inches in length, and O-ring is approx. 5 inches in diameter.
Crochet: Slippers
I used two strands of size 8 cotton thread and size 5/0 Tulip hook for the main part; 4/0 size hook for the edging.
Crochet: Shrug / Bolero
A simple, easy to memorize, 4-round motif make up this shrug. Motifs are joined as-you-go. Made of cotton thread, it is light and comfortable for summer wear.
Crochet: Vest
A summer bolero done in mesh stitch.
Crochet: Shrug / Bolero
This is a simple but nice little project. I love how fast this works out. Crocheted from one sleeve edge to the other and finished off with two rounds of edging on the body.
Crochet: Brimmed Hat
A stylish newsboy cap in adult size. Complete written instruction is provided with modeled photos. This is made using worsted weight 4-ply acrylic yarn.
Crochet: Electronics Cozy
This cellphone carrier looks like a mini bag. The use of multicolor thread (doubled), makes for a very interesting abstract design.
Crochet: Bag
Designed using two strands of 3-ply cotton thread, but can be substituted with 4-ply fingering weignt yarn, such as Catania, or any yarn that works up to gauge. You can choose to finish it with a wrist strap, necklace cord, or a keychain attachment.
Crochet: Pullover
Update your wardrobe with a lovely cropped cardigan! This crochet pullover version is simply styled and accented with a unique pineapple edging.
Crochet: Animal Toy
Holiday promo: This pattern comes with a bonus pattern - Santa Hat and Scarf.
Crochet: Cleaning - Other
The Flower scrubbie is available as a 3-in-1 pattern, together with the Handy Tawashi and Foot Scrubbie.
Crochet: Cleaning - Other
The Foot scrubbie is available as a 3-in-1 pattern, together with the Handy Tawashi and Flower Scrubbie - for only $2.50 in my Ravelry store.
Crochet: Toy Food
Small crocheted fruits can be used for keychains or charms. A cute and easy project to use up leftover yarns.
Crochet: Scrubber
The Handy Tawashi is available as a 3-in-1 pattern, together with the Foot Scrubbie and Flower Scrubbie - for $2.50
Crochet: Cowl, Headband
The soft fabric allows for it to be knotted, without being too bulky. The knot can be tightened or loosened to adjust fit.
Crochet: Shrug / Bolero
This is a fairly comfortable, good-fitting shrug made of cotton thread. Designed in such a way as to stretch a little where it needs to. No sewing needed - shrug is worked in one piece.
Crochet: Drawstring Bag
Pattern for September 10.
Crochet: Earrings
Big earrings are the trend nowadays. This pineapple motif earring is pretty, lightweight, and about the right size at 4 inches high.
Crochet: Doily
This will make a wonderful holiday gift for family and friends. This is a unique poinsettia doily and coaster using the tapestry crochet technique. A little more patience is worth the result!
Crochet: Shrug / Bolero
A pretty shrug that will add some warmth and romantic flair to your casual or party attire. It can be worn with or without a brooch or pin. It can also be worn as a shoulder wrap.
Crochet: Drawstring Bag
This is my first sack bag pattern that I published in my blog in 2005.
Crochet: Costume
Your Dachshund Amigurumi will be ready to celebrate the holidays wearing these fun little accessories.
Crochet: Tee, Dress
A smart and sexy tunic top or dress with a unique and original crochet mesh stitch worked on the waist and on the sleeves.
Crochet: Sleeveless Top
A stylish and unique halter design with shells and pineapples. A lovely addition to your summer wear. It has nice form-fitting bra-like cups, with ties at the back for ease and better coverage at the sides. (Pattern includes detailed written instructions and diagrams.)
Crochet: Shrug / Bolero
This design started with a lovely pattern stitch crocheted into a basic rectangle. After joining along the underarm, the sleeves are extended with some lacy shell stitches and the body is edged with more shell stitches.
Crochet: Shrug / Bolero
This is the yarn version of Simply Striped Shrug.
Crochet: Shrug / Bolero
A pretty little cap-sleeved shrug made from cotton thread size 10.
Crochet: Scarf
An easy to make crochet cotton scarf that drapes gracefully and feels comfy around the neck. Worked lengthwise, it progresses quickly with the use of triple crochet stitches. The knotted fringe adds charm to this stylish scarf.
Crochet: Scarf, Cowl
Basically the same 3-row pattern repeat from the chain scarf. This is wider and with longer chains, resulting in a soft, lightweight, and stylish cowl.
Crochet: Scarf
A unique way of using chain loops to build a soft crochet fabric. A bit tricky at first, but you’ll be surprised at how this design works wonderfully. I used my own original 3-row pattern repeat. Its easy to customize width or length. This makes a comfortable and stylish accessory.
Crochet: Market bag (slouchy)
I made these bags to be used for bringing threads and yarns for our group projects. I wanted a bottom that will not tend to pull down much with the weight of the contents.
Crochet: Purse / Handbag
A good project to learn how to attach magnetic snaps. Pattern purchase includes tutorial on attaching magnetic snaps and sewing a fabric lining.
Crochet: Market bag (slouchy)
The sample bag is made using 3 strands of Cannon thread (because cotton yarn is not available in my locale). A good substitute would be worsted weight cotton, or any yarn that does not pill or stretch.
Crochet: Shawl / Wrap
Another way to keep warm and stay in fashion, this wrap is stylish and feminine. Made with comfortable cotton yarn it can be worn with your casual outfits or semi-formal attire. Also a nice way to display your favorite jewelry pin or brooch. The pattern can easily be adjusted to make longer or wider by adding pattern repeats.
Crochet: Booties
The model shown has a sole length of 3 3/4 inches, approx. for baby size 0-4mos. Use 1.75mm hook to get a bigger size.
Crochet: Brimmed Hat
The pattern printed on the calendar is wrong. I initially submitted the photo, and was not informed that the design was accepted. They just put in a different pattern there.
Crochet: Electronics Cozy
An economical and fast way to dress up your mobile phone. One ball of Cannon size 8 thread or 1 ball of Anchor size 10 thread would make 3 of these totes.
Crochet: Belt
This pattern works well with Cannon multicolor thread, to create the diagonal stripes.
Crochet: Necklace
This was inspired by a design I once saw in a Phildar catalog that I received in my email.
Crochet: Headband
A crocheted headband inspired from the 1960s look, made from cotton thread and embellished with small glass beads. This can also be worn as a belt to accent the waist or hips. Adjustable closing makes it wearable for various sizes.
Crochet: Containers, Food Cozy
A cute little pumpkin container for candies and treats.
Crochet: Coaster
Saw a knitted coaster/doily picture in an old magazine, and I tried to make a crochet version.
Crochet: Hair accessories