Sally Melville

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Knitting: Pullover
This has become my favourite winter sweater—whose title describes how it makes me feel. And more to its credit, it is easy to wear (and does not require layers), has my favourite hem (the shirt-tail), has my favourite side shaping (a little A-line), and has a wonderful but not challenging sleeve detail.
Knitting: Cowl
I think I have become cowl-obsessed! They have become an accessory I don’t want to leave home without. I have made two of these in the last 4 days.
Knitting: Pullover
This pattern is offered as three different garments, all with the same gauge and sizing and finishing instructions but different executions of the same basic stitch pattern (double garter ridge = dgr).
Knitting: Rug
I have a friend who is a knitter and a quilter. She has invited me for many years to spend time at her cottage, where I use a bathroom in which I do not find a bath mat? (It’s surely there: not finding it was my excuse to proceed!)
Knitting: Pullover, Vest
I often say If it’s asymmetrical, it’s art. But it takes confidence to wear art or asymmetry! And as soon as we knit something asymmetrically—demanding that we work in unusual ways—we need more confidence in our knitting skills. Hence, the Confident Jumper.
Knitting: Pullover
My friend, Susanna, owns the fabulous painting you see in the photos. I recently said “we should knit that sweater!” She agreed. Then, not long after, the yarn shop 88 Stitches, in Langley BC, sent out a blast on Ravelry to say that—for Canada’s sesquicentennial—everyone should knit a garment by a Canadian designer. I immediately thought of the...
Knitting: Coat / Jacket
I called this a wrap jacket, not because it overlaps or ties in front … but because it is a cross between a wrap (a rectangular shawl) and a jacket—and functions beautifully as both!
Knitting: Pullover
When leaving for a trip, I needed something to knit that would take a long time but not a lot of space. So I made a swatch, gathered leftover sock yarns, made a pile of 8yd butterflies, and proceeded. It did take a long time, but since every square was different, it was constantly and totally engaging. And little did I know it would become my f...
Knitting: Doll
I made this because I wanted to knit a doll for Operation Christmas Child (through Samaritan’s purse—see Apparently a doll, especially one made by hand, is very much appreciated by the children who receive them. Isn’t it wonderful that we knitters can do this so easily!
Knitting: Sleeveless Top
I have probably said before that I like to “wear what I knit.” But for summer, this can be a bit of a challenge. However, knit in a cool fibre—like cotton—this sleeveless garment, with its halter neck and deep armhole, is something we can produce and wear, even on the hottest days.
Knitting: Vest
This vest has some similarities with the Einstein Coat (from The Knit Stitch)—all done in garter with slip-stitch edges. But there are significant differences: the vest has short rows (for back shaping, of which you can see evidence in side and back views), and it has no seaming.
Knitting: Pullover
My mission lately has been to make sweaters I can wear when the weather is warmer. So for this attempt, I knew I wanted (besides a cool main yarn) shorter sleeves in a light-weight yarn plus a sweater that was easy and quick. At some point in this exploration, I made the discovery that the number of stitches per inch in a sock yarn could be the...
Knitting: Pullover
My favourite thing to do is take something from my closet (that I did not knit) and re-interpret it in knitting. So, I have a black, pin-stripe, oversized, A-line shirt with a zippered panel in the back. I love it, wear it often, and needed to knit it.
Knitting: Sleeveless Top
I have long wanted to knit something that could be worn in the summer—other than a basic, straight-sided tank top. I wanted something that showed knitting skills—with interesting details—but was light and easy to wear. And here is my solution: an A-line, lacy top, made a lovely fingering weight yarn. The interesting detail is the surprise at th...
Knitting: Pullover
This is not two separate garments: READ ON!
Knitting: Neck / Torso - Other
Every time I wear this and everywhere I go, I’ve had it commented on—by strangers on the street, by shop owners or customers, by knitters or non. And each time they say something like “I love that … thing you’re wearing!” No-one knows what to call it, and—frankly—neither do I. Because one arm goes through (as does the neck) but the other arm is...
Knitting: Cowl
Sometimes our hands are just itching for that two-colour stranded experience—sometimes called fairisle. If you’re having one of those moments, this piece is perfect. And it doesn’t matter how little experience you have, because this piece is easy! The 6 stitch and 10 row chart is remarkably simple (4 rows are solid, 4 rows are 3x3), the yarn is...
Knitting: Vest
Recently I started playing with zippers (for a ski sweater to appear in the book Stitch Mountain) … and then I found myself wearing a little black vest (bought in 1993 and worn constantly) that I promised myself to knit some day … and here is the marriage of the two.
Knitting: Throw
The Log Cabin was my beloved mother-in-law’s favourite quilt pattern, and she passed the fondness onto me—to such an extent that I have already published the pattern for one. But the previous version (in The Color Book) required buying I-don’t-know-how-many colours of yarn and coordinating them … plus sewing in all those tails because each segm...
Knitting: Shawl / Wrap
This asymmetrical, modular, garter-stitch shawl pattern is
Knitting: Cardigan, Vest
My daughter brought me a commercially-made sweater she found in a vintage shop. The sweater was not hand-knit, so there’d be no pattern. She knew she was buying it for me to sort out how it was constructed—knowing that this is my very favourite thing to do!
Knitting: Christmas Stocking
In my family, a grandmother’s name is Honey. And in my family, it’s Honey’s job to make the Christmas stockings! So here are mine—knit for my three-year-old granddaughters. The colors (7 in all) are seasonal, the bobbles add a little Christmas bling, and the hearts say “The person who made this loves you.”
Knitting: Pullover
This is one of my favorite sweaters. So easy to knit and to wear! But what you see is not what was planned, and it’s one of my favorite knitting stories.
Knitting: Scarf
I have a problem with rectangular and with triangular scarves: too many wraps in the former, too short tails in the latter. But these geometrical shapes are amenable to lace stitch patterns, so I’ve made lots of lace triangles and lace rectangles … and had them do nothing more than decorate my closet.
Knitting: Pullover
This garment is the best of both worlds—knitting plus fabric in which both get to do what they do best and most easily: the smaller pieces are shaped and knit to fit; the larger pieces are just fabric rectangles that provide the “yardage.”