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I have been knitting and designing my own projects since the mid- 70’s.
I have just begun to offer my patterns to others for their enjoyment. I have found it both fun and challenging to put together patterns for others to use.

I live in Vermont. I think I am lucky.
I really enjoy exploring knitting and challenging and different techniques. I have also found so much friendship through knitting. Absolutely wonderful people and lots of great support when I am designing and when I am insecure and designing- almost always!


Please e-mail me with any questions… Thank you! ~Marin

All patterns are saved as the smallest PDF possible to limit space they will take up on your computer.

There is a MarinJa Knits group for pattern support and general REVELRY on ravelry….

MarinJa Knits

original designs

Vacation Butterfly
Marin Melchior's Ravelry Store
Blue Colorway: 
Uneek #3004 (x1) & Monokrom #3057 (x2)
Green Colorway: Uneek #3006 (x1) & Monokrom #3065 (x2)
Peony Bud Hat
Short Stuff
COVER FEATURE- AVERAGE on smaller needles
Urth Yarns, Uneek & Monokrom Worsted
Amazing Mayzie
Marin Melchior's Ravelry Store
BLUE BARN FIBER –  Roo, Colorway “Nagini”  (Pink & Rainbow)                                                                 
&  I Knead This More, Colorway “Sleeping Beauty”
Leafy Mitts & Cowl
Marin Melchior's Ravelry Store