Anna Funnell

Patterns available as Ravelry Downloads

Knitting: Market bag (slouchy)
A vibrant, multipurpose shoulder bag that’s as useful for picking up the groceries as it is a day out at the beach.
Knitting: Scrubber
Six variations on a knitted face scrubby, with a variety of easy to intermediate patterns for texture and ‘scrubability’.
Knitting: Fingerless Gloves
Wear 3 Ways Wrist Warmers - an easy knitting pattern for snuggly wool fingerless mittens that roll down into wrist warmers.
Knitting: Christmas Stocking
This pattern is for an extra-large traditional Christmas stocking with a choice of a fluffy cuff or a rolled cuff, with optional pompoms and embroidery.
Knitting: Bag - Other
Knit yourself a rainbow hands-free reusable water bottle or drinks carrier, with your choice of short wrist strap (with optional clip) or extra long strap to wear across your body or over one shoulder.
Knitting: Baby Blanket
A stunning blanket with radiating bands of colour culminating in ‘sun-ray’ points, cleverly designed to avoid having to sew in many ends of yarn!
Knitting: Containers
Knit yourself an adorable little basket in 100% recycled tape yarn – cute and eco-friendly!
Knitting: Market bag (slouchy)
Knit yourself a bright but practical net market bag in vibrant rainbow colours. Use it for shopping or for toy storage or for picnics or trips to the beach. Wherever you use it, it’s bound to make people smile!
Knitting: Washcloth / Dishcloth
Knit yourself a gloriously vibrant rainbow washcloth – a great gift for a child, to celebrate diversity, or just for someone who loves colour! (And of course you can always knit them in completely different colours or even just one colour if you prefer.)
Knitting: Cleaning - Other
Knit yourself a soft, cotton bag to hold your soap, with a variety of easy to intermediate patterns for texture and ‘scrubability’.
Knitting: Decorative - Other
This pattern is for chunky “bubble writing” letters which can be propped on a shelf or mantelpiece, or threaded with a ribbon or string to hang them up. A lovely baby gift, wedding sign, home decoration or party banner.
Knitting: Decorative - Other
An easy knitting pattern for Easter egg ornaments in three different sizes, with optional decorative variations around the middle section.