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Crochet: Bedspread, Baby Blanket
Q-Star Coverlet is a lavish, reversible star stitch pattern that results in a beautifully durable and warm blanket—just like a real quilt. (The “Q” is for “quilted.”) Pattern includes photo tutorials and 2 reversible borders: wrapped puff eyelets, or simple solid single crochet.
Crochet: Pillow / Cushion
This pillow glows in the dark, has a roomy hidden pocket, and holds up to years of use. (A child would love its comforting nightlight and built-in toy pocket features.)
Crochet: Scarf, Shawl / Wrap
The idea for Aery Faery came to me while watching Once Upon a Time (a TV series based on fairy tales): I wondered if a glittering mohair and silk lace version of Aero and Aeroette would be spellbinding. I proudly present Aery Faery.
Crochet: Vest
The basic idea of the Minuet Vest is crochet a simple shape, add a fancy border, then seam the sides to turn it into a vest.
Crochet: Bracelet
Crocheters at the Beginner skill level: You’ll enjoy the ribbed band. You just need to know how to crochet into the back loop of single crochets {UK: dc} in rows. First, try the bangle with one strand of a smooth yarn. Then try crocheting a strand of your yarn held together with a fancy strand to get used to crocheting double-stranded. The...
Crochet: Legwarmers
Lucky Twists Boot Cuffs feature an all-over mock cable pattern with a ribbed cuff for fit. Wear them folded over the boot rim, or left long for more warmth. See issues #65 & #66 of my newsletter.
Crochet: Fingerless Gloves
Lucky Twist Mitts is based on everything I love about the original Luckyslips Mitts pattern: the right kind of stretchy in the right places. Slip stitch ribbing is perfect for comfortably snug and warm texting mitts.
Crochet: Feet / Legs - Other
This free Slip Slope Boot Toppers pattern closely follows my original Slip Slope Scarf design (also free). That scarf introduced short rowing with my all-time favorite type of ribbing: slip stitches crocheted into the back loop.
Crochet: Scarf
Start this rectangular scarf in one corner and crochet it on the bias to the opposite corner. The special “filet lace”-style edging is crocheted as you go.
Crochet: Cowl
I’ve combed through 200 crochet sources and haven’t yet found pre-1973 occurrences of this simple, reversible, accordion-like star stitch. I’ve modified it to emphasize its natural pleated texture and lovely scalloped edges. 
Crochet: Scarf
As I prepare class materials to teach “A Star Stitch for Every Purpose” at this year’s national crochet guild conference, I celebrate a 19th century Star stitch with this scarf. It’s designed to offer maximum color fun because there are zero ends to weave in, and no switching between attached colors. It’s finished w...
Crochet: Cowl, Cape
Three updates:
Crochet: Necklace, Craft - Other
This is a “booster pack” of six little patterns that includes three methods for crocheting with beads. I designed them to be a wearable, visual catalog of how beads from one’s bead stash combine with one’s yarn stash colors. Although I had Lotus yarn samples in mind, many other yarns and color combinat...
Crochet: Bracelet, Craft - Other
I recommend getting this pattern at my site as a KIT: it’s almost 50% off! ($3.15 & free shipping) Click here to go to my kit webpage instead. The kit bundles this pattern with the samples of all Lotus yarn colors to make one of the chips shown here.
Crochet: Fingerless Gloves
Luckyslip is a delightfully snug and stretchy texting mitt that is quick to crochet and easy to customize, in two sizes (for luckymen and luckywomen). It satisfies my primary requirement for fingerless mitts: a comfortably snug fit at the finger opening and a stretchy cuff. I thought maybe I was just picky, but others who have tried them on ment...
Crochet: Shawl / Wrap
This love knot crochet pattern is updated with a stitch diagram and more, as of September 2014. The original edition appeared in the Summer 2013 issue of Interweave Crochet magazine.
Crochet: Shrug / Bolero, Scarf
My goal with Fish Lips is to bring out a bold, modern side of Love Knot stitches (a.k.a. Lover’s Knots, Solomon’s Knots). I started with a scarf, then also liked it worn sideways like a pullover shrug; so I joined two shorter scarves with a “rosebud bridge” seam. The wide seam also softens the bateau neckline for a comfor...
Crochet: Scarf, Shawl / Wrap
I’m immensely pleased to offer this Tunisian crochet lace design.
Crochet: Scarf
Like its cousin the Thaxton Hooded Cowl, Notch is luxuriously stretchy, squishy, and toasty-warm. Experiencing how the notched short-row wedges take shape is fun -- it’s the textural highlights of the Thaxton Hooded Cowl, repeated for decorative impact.
Crochet: Washcloth / Dishcloth, Component (stitch, edge) - Other
I developed this strategic four-edge stitch shaping combination from scratch because common shaping methods don’t work well for diagonal Tunisian crochet. My goal was to find a uniformly finished solid edge for Tunisian Simple Stitch (Tss) that’s also symmetrically stretchy. I researched 100 or so sources and I know of no one else us...
Crochet: Necklace
My Crochet Inspirations Newsletter #47 goes into more detail about the rayon threads used.
Crochet: Necklace, Bracelet
Depending on the beads used, a thread or yarn ranging from Size #5 (“fingering/sock wt.”) to Size #10 (some “lace wt.”) works great.
Crochet: Tutorial
This is an expanded version of a popular photo tutorial I posted in Crochet Pattern Companion, one of my blogs that has gone into early retirement as of January 2013. (You can read about that here.)
Crochet: Necklace, Bracelet
You might like to see the newsletter issue I just sent out about this stitch and design here.
Crochet: Scarf, Cowl
This stretchy slip stitch lace loop scarf (ring scarf, eternity scarf) is worked in short rows and is reversible. Wrap it twice for a cowl look; or leave unseamed. The scarf will have angled scarf ends if it is left unseamed.
Crochet: Scarf
Four Peaks Scarf is a newly remastered, rectangular variation of the L-shaped Five Peaks Shawl. (Five Peaks first appeared in Interweave Crochet magazine, Spring 2010 issue.)
Crochet: Scarf, Cowl, Collar, Edging
This stretchy 100% slip stitch crochet pattern contrasts two kinds of slip stitch ribbing for a fascinating, richly textured effect. It’s worked in one piece, lengthwise, and would be a beautiful wintertime gift for someone!
Crochet: Necklace
About this Limited Edition PDF: this pattern series was first described in Crochet Inspirations Newsletter #32. The instructions for this Sparkle Love Knot Lariat crochet pattern are complete and have been professionally tech edited. The pattern bogged down at the publishing stage merely because I couldn’t stop imagining more variations fo...
Crochet: Cup / Mug
I’ve crocheted and used almost fifty different coffee cozies and other beverage sleeves over the years, and this simple version remains one of my favorite cup cozy designs to use in real life. This pattern includes my design tips for optimizing a cozy’s safety and usefulness. It’s one of my $1.99 picks for December.
Crochet: Headband, Jewelry - Other
This is one of the first jewelry patterns I added to my pattern website and somehow neglected to add it to my Ravelry store all this time!
Crochet: Belt
This quick pattern for the hippie in (most) all of us uses a beefier Love Knot variation that I developed (although surely someone else has before me). Crocheting these “Buffalo Knots” with two strands of medium weight cotton yarn held together gives them even more heft than they usually have.
Crochet: Cowl, Snood
This pattern has a stitch diagram, offers two lengths, and two seaming schematics for the cowl and for creating a true hooded version. Also a photo sequence for creating the notch.
Crochet: Scarf
This hyperbolic 100% slip stitch crochet ruffled scarf pattern features self-edged short rowing. Crochet the ruffle scarf edging as you go, thanks to a second type of slip stitch that helps to create a pearly scallop. Fine yarn gives it a delicate fluttery weight. Using a large hook size means you make progress faster than you might expect.
Crochet: Scarf
The story of this scarf is the topic of issue #31 of my Crochet Inspirations Newsletter (now accessible here).
Crochet: Scarf, Cowl
This simple scarf & wrap pattern is really all about one powerful Tunisian crochet stitch. It’s an all-season pattern: crochet easy reversible scarves and shawls that are as lacy or as solid as you like, based on the yarn and hook size you choose.
Crochet: Scarf
This 100% slip stitch crochet scarf features short rowing with my all-time favorite type of ribbing: slip stitches worked into the back loop.
Crochet: Cowl
Learn to crochet short rows with different slip stitches for a self-shaping, self-striping crocheted cowl scarf--neckwarmer-- long loop scarf--even a mobius-style infinity scarf. Fun, fast, and easy to crochet technique.
Crochet: Messenger Bag
This bag inspired a selvage photo tutorial blog post, and two Crochet Inspirations newsletter issues here and here! The detachable lace panels of this messenger-style shoulder bag are fun to make from small amounts of pretty yarns.
Crochet: Shawl / Wrap
International English equivalents to American measurements, yarn weights, and stitch terms are included in brackets {}.
Crochet: Shrug / Bolero
This Tunisian eyelet lace crochet pattern is my favorite way to crochet with fancy tube yarns that can be lumpy in other crochet stitches.
Crochet: Cardigan, Shrug / Bolero
Link to pattern for Sizes Small & Medium: (or see separate listing in Ravelry)
Crochet: Scarf, Cowl, Shawl / Wrap, Snood, Headwrap
This Tunisian crochet lace pattern pleasantly edges itself as you work each offset group of rows. It is crocheted with no shaping, then seamed into a ring scarf (a.k.a. Snood, Shoulder Cowl Wrap, and Eternity scarf).
Crochet: Necklace
The Trailing Vine Lariat is a stitch sampler that combines old and new crochet cord stitches. I wrote it in steps rather than rows or rounds, because you’ll need no foundation chain, and sometimes you don’t even crochet into another stitch (it depends on the fancy stitch used). Crochet one ‘row’ and you’re done.
Crochet: Vest
This pattern is written for standard sizes Small, Medium, and Large.
Crochet: Toy Game, Toys and Hobbies - Other
May this Cheerful Chores activity bring to your family the enjoyment and long-range benefits that it has brought to mine. It made simple lessons in money concepts charming to my young child.
Crochet: Bracelet
New stitch video for 2012: How to Crochet the Spiky Puff Stitch.
Crochet: Shrug / Bolero
Link to pattern for Sizes Large-XLarge (1X): (or see separate listing in Ravelry)
Crochet: Scarf
This is pure slip stitch crochet, done in the back loop. With a larger-than usual crochet hook, it crochets up faster than you’d think.
Crochet: Vest, Shawl / Wrap
Alzannah is a quick to crochet vest that converts easily to an asymmetrical & ruana-type wrap. The pattern includes choices for customizing both length and width, crocheting larger sizes, and converting the vest into a ruana or wrap. It’s a pleasure to try it on as you go; it’s constructed from the center out to each sleeve opening.
Crochet: Purse
This purse may look all dressed up, but we know that a 100% crochet handbag will hold up under real use! The main body of the bag is a special woven-look crochet stitch that’s ‘close-knit’, light weight, and flexible.
Crochet: Scarf, Cowl
A scarf like Pallas might typically be crocheted from the center column out to each edge for the symmetrically ribbed look, but this one was begun at one long edge and crocheted continuously to the other edge. It’s just more fun when the yarn needn’t be cut and re-attached.
Crochet: Decorative - Other, Home - Other
Pattern is FREE until Monday, December 5, 2011.
Crochet: Fingerless Gloves
These stretchy, 100% ‘Bosnian’ (slip stitch) mitts hug the hands like those “Isotoners” my Mom used to wear. The snug fit is due partly to the slip stitch fabric and partly to the elastic content of the sock yarn.
Crochet: Cowl, Collar
The soft pleats of this Tunisian Knit Stitch fabric create plush and stretchy insulation. It’s a quick, one-skein crochet pattern written for two yarn weights: a light-to-regular worsted weight (heavy DK) version (shown in purple) requiring an L/8mm Tunisian hook, and an aran (heavy worsted) weight version (shown in heather grey) requiring...
Crochet: Mittens, Puppet
Maybe you can see in some of the photos that these are seamed in a way that creates a snug “tunnel” for the hand. Separate sections enable thumb and little fingers to flap the fins for DSPA: Dynamic Stingray Puppet Action.
Crochet: Scarf, Cowl
Here’s a plush, wearable reason to revive a vintage stitch pattern that is traditionally thought of as a “potholder stitch.” This design uses basic single crochet stitches worked the unique double-layer way.
Crochet: Scarf, Cowl
One skein makes a sophisticated cowl for women, and two skeins makes a man-sized chain mail scarf.
Crochet: Cup / Mug
Okay, I admit it, pouring on the “melted chocolate” (fabric paint) was even more fun than the crocheting! Any chunky-weight yarn can be used for this project.
Crochet: Cowl
A warm and versatile cowl that can be rolled, folded, scrunched, and stretched for wearing several ways. It’s naturally stretchy, and becomes deliciously so in a bouncy wool yarn like Mochi Plus or Noro.
Crochet: Softies - Other
OK, this li’l guy is kind of crazy-looking, no? It’s based on my son’s third-grade classroom drawing of the relationship between cups, pints, quarts, and gallons. (Photo of his drawing is at left.)
Crochet: Sleeveless Top, Vest
Wear the large rectangle in front and it’s a sleeveless top; wear it in back and it’s a vest. Wear it upside down for a trendy ‘cocoon’-looking vest. Waterlily is a twist on 3 seamed rectangles; the sportweight yarn makes the Waterlily stitch pattern bold-looking without being overly dramatic or chunky.
Crochet: Shawl / Wrap
New: See the discussion thread for the 2014 Frostyflakes Crochet Along in my Ravelry forum. See the Frostyflakes CAL Gallery here.
Crochet: Scarf, Cowl
I am very pleased to finally be able to make this pattern available to all the crocheters who have ever wished they could crochet their own super-stretchy “magic” tube scarves that stretch every which way into hoods, cowls, even tube tops! The “magic” is in the combination of stitch, hook size, and yarn type.
Crochet: Pillow / Cushion, Animal Toy, Home - Other
New updated & downloadable version! Pattern now includes instructions to crochet the forked tongue as shown in the photos. It’s now also formatted as a part of my DesigningVashti pattern line. I’ll be adding it to my pattern website when I figure out how to configure my shopping cart for free downloading :-)
Crochet: Bracelet, Ring
I call this a “superpattern” because it’s written for three different yarn weights in both US & UK/AUS terms, and includes design options. (That’s why the yarn list looks long; not all are actually used for one cuff.)
Crochet: Scarf
This beginner’s Tunisian crochet pattern works up quickly and results in a sumptuous gift for a man. It’s a simple stitch, and comes out looking spectacular in this yarn and gauge, effortlessly (it only took me two hours to crochet it). I love when that happens. I’m not sure if any of my photos do it full justice.
Crochet: Necklace, Bracelet, Anklet
I call this a ‘superpattern’ because it’s more of a handy reference for getting started with a good combination of thread size, bead type, hook size, and color combo.
Crochet: Scarf, Jewelry - Other
Skill Level: Easy
Crochet: Shrug / Bolero
The most elementary and historic of crochet stitches – the Slip Stitch – has modern effortless style. For a “pullover shrug” the stitch has a stretch and drape to rival knits, resembles garter stitch in this pattern, and works up quickly with a large hook.
Crochet: Necklace
This is the perfect project for showing off medium-size accent beads that are too fancy to have thread strands covering them (as is the case with most beaded crochet). Seed beads add twinkle to the crochet links.
Crochet: Toy Plant, Puppet, Toy Game
This fly-or-be-trapped educational toy is apparently irresistible to elementary school children. Slide your hand into the back and when a bug gets close, snap it shut! Pattern includes instructions for flies too). The loops around the edge can be interlocked to zip it closed for complete fly digestion (see 3rd photo). This step seems to fascinat...
Crochet: Scarf
My goal was to make lavish, extravagant use of one skein of lace weight pure undyed cashmere yarn. I normally avoid using a lot of picot stitches when I crochet for fun, yet the yarn looked and felt like it wanted to be crocheted into picots. It became a personal challenge: what if I packed in the maximum amount of picots I could muster? The res...
Crochet: Necklace
Here’s a necklace cord that’s quick and easy, a popular class in yarn shops for advanced beginning crocheters.
Crochet: Cup / Mug
Any sport weight yarn is great. For the metallic pink underlayer in first photo (and pink striped version in 3rd photo) I used DMC embroidery flosses, all six strands held together. Pattern includes more information.
Crochet: Bag - Other
This is my all-time favorite water bottle tote. Those who have seen me at crochet conferences over the years know that I carry it with me everywhere. It’s designed to look good toting most water bottle sizes, to recover gracefully from being repeatedly bunched up in carry-on luggage, and most of all, to feel good on the shoulder.
Crochet: Scarf, Headband, Headwrap
It’s a fabric of 100% slip stitches -- an elementary (and often underestimated) crochet stitch. This antique form of crochet is often called “Bosnian Crochet” although this scarf is not crocheted in the round.
Crochet: Rug
Use a 395-yd. cone of extra-thick (“double worsted”) Peaches ‘n Creme cotton yarn, or work two strands together of regular Peaches ‘n Creme (double the yardage = up to 800yds). The aran-style stitch pattern is pretty without being too lumpy under bare feet.
Crochet: Bracelet
No beads, no metal clasps, just pure crochet. Every kind of smooth worsted weight yarn (#4 Medium Weight category) seems to work well. You can also use sport weight yarn by crocheting it with two strands held together. The purple one shown is crocheted with two strands of sport weight yarn.
Crochet: Shawl / Wrap
This breezy corner-start triangular wrap, worked side to side, is an uncommon way to experience Tunisian crochet. Some people seem to think of Tunisian crochet as dense or stiff, but this airy net-like stitch has been around long enough to be known by more than one name: Tunisian Corded Stitch, Tunisian Extended Stitch, and Tunisian Single Croch...
Crochet: Neck / Torso - Other
Uses half of a cone of either brand of cotton.
Crochet: Pet Toys
This project is an easy design for a beginner crocheter. I hope you find crocheting with the unique Jelly Yarn(r) as enjoyable as I do.
Crochet: Necklace
This design is handy for the medium-sized (8mm) beads with small holes most of us can’t resist buying but which get buried in our bead stashes because they’re too unusual for standard stringing and crocheting. It’s also one of my most popular classes in my local yarn shop.
Crochet: Shawl / Wrap
Amy Shelton reviewed this pattern over in Crochetville; there might be a Crochet Along starting up there also.
Crochet: Tote
Once you try a few ridgy rounds of this stitch pattern and see how a dramatic color-changing yarn comes alive, you may find it as hard to set down your hook as I did! I keep this bag on display as home decor when not in use. In fact, I think it would look great as a throw pillow, and I’m curious how it would look felted.