Kristen Stein

Kristen Stein

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Kristen Stein is a Contemporary Artist living in Suburban Philadelphia. Kristen’s works are currently available on a variety of online venues and boutiques and galleries throughout the US.

Her art has appeared in numerous printed media including posters, books, CD Covers, calendars and program covers. Her work has been licensed for use on gift items, household goods, puzzles and jewelry items.

Her work has appeared in a number of solo and group exhibitions and in the set design for various television shows and a major motion picture.

Although the bulk of her portfolio focuses on her original paintings and designs, Kristen also enjoys needlework and creating her own original crochet patterns.

A self-proclaimed “espresso aficionado”, Kristen is still trying to master the latte art technique. Although, nowhere near perfecting the technique, she still enjoys every delicious attempt.

original designs  

The Caped Lace Cardigan
Kristen Stein Designs
Lace Motif Cowl Sweater
Kristen Stein Designs
Large Lace Covered Ornaments
Large Lace Crochet Covered Ornaments
Lacy Capelet Shawl
Kristen Stein Designs
Lace Covered Ornaments
Lace Crochet Covered Ornaments: Six Quick and Easy Patterns with Stunning Results