Kieran Foley

Kieran Foley

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(mostly) Charted knitting patterns. More info on techniques, etc. here on my profile page or here on my website.

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*Please note that the discount does not apply to eBooks or the following patterns, which are available from other Ravelry Stores: Victorian Raffia, MagicWaves Triangle & Sandycove.

Questions about my patterns? Try the knit/lab group.

Visit the knit/lab blog, my Pinterest boards and follow me on Instagram for photos and inspirations.

My LYS is The Constant Knitter in Dublin.

original designs  

original designs

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from Knit Red: Stitching for Women's Heart...
from Knitty, Winter 2011
from knit/lab
from knit/lab
from Knitty, Summer 2009
from knit/lab
from Knitty, Winter 2008
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designs from Kieran Foley & Alasdair Post-Quinn

from Fallingblox Designs