Lee Meredith

As a lifelong fan of games, puzzles, and art, I bring my point of view to my pattern designs, often using unusual constructions, and/or giving the knitter fun options to choose from, and always trying to bring NEW things into the knitting world and onto your needles!

I now have some little knit kits for sale on etsy!
The kits are for these patterns: Garter Strip Light-switch Cover, Pen Tube Bookmark, Lapel Flower, and Ten 10 yard Cuffs (the kits are enough to make eight different cuffs).

If you’re into my patterns, join the leethal knitters group!
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from leethal quick knits club patterns Vol. 1
from leethal quick knits club patterns Vol. 1
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designs from Ambah O’Brien, Hanna Maciejewska, Helen Stewart, Josh Ryks, Kristina Vilimaite, Lee Meredith, and Monika Sirna

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