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Knitting: Shawl / Wrap
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Knitting: Scarf, Shawl / Wrap, Doily
Something that is treasured, valued, loved…what is dearest to you? I prize so many things, and I can’t deny that although family and friends are dearest of all, there are some yarny treasures in my life as well! What will showcase the beauty of the yarn, as well as the one who wears it? I hope that you will feel that Dearest Wrap answers that qu...
Knitting: Doily
Lilium Beaded Doily is a beautiful floral decoration that is a challenging project. This intricate design has lace patterning on nearly every row and optional beading for the final six flower petals. Lilium measures approximately 18 in/46 cm across after blocking.
Knitting: Shawl / Wrap
Lissome was designed to be a delicate shawl for warmer weather. The very open pattern knitted in lace or light fingering yarn is enhanced by a beaded edge. Although Lissome looks complex, there is only one type of decrease and one type of increase!
Knitting: Shawl / Wrap
Please join us for a Mystery KAL in the Tinyknitters Group! Here you will share in spoilers and fun with fellow Ravelers!. Find expert tech support for missing clues by QTWIQ in this thread: It is THE place to go to get help :) Remember that if you downloaded ...
Knitting: Scarf
Do you need a break from your more difficult projects? Life too complicated to knit complicated patterns? Gauge got you down because your stitches aren’t uniform? Do you have cashmere taste but live on an acrylic budget? If any of these situations apply, you just may need some Therapy!
Knitting: Shawl / Wrap
Ruby Jewels is a crescent shaped lace shawlette knitted in fingering weight yarn. It is knitted from the top down with all increases at the sides. There is no central spine, but instead the central motif is flanked by a lace pattern which radiates outwards. The applied, beaded, edging means no long bindoff! This shawlette is recommended for inte...
Knitting: Doily
Cross of Cerdanya is a doily with an intriguing shape. Is it a square, cross, diamond, or even a star? Knit it up, block it out, and decide for yourself!
Knitting: Shawl / Wrap
Diamond Jewels Shawlette is a half circle lace piece knitted in fingering weight yarn. It begins with a small curve to fit the back of the neck in a simple lace pattern. Small diamonds transition into larger lace diamonds. Finally, the edging’s double and triple yarn overs create an undulating shape. This shawlette is recommended for intermediat...
Knitting: Shawl / Wrap
Summer Song KAL:
Knitting: Cowl, Poncho
Envisioned is a classic yet comfortable cowl knitted in the round. The Envisioned design features ribbing and a grouping of three columns of elongated cables. If you prefer a longer version (ponchette style), it is very simple to add additional length. Even a novice knitter can create a fashionable garment with this easy pattern!
Knitting: Shawl / Wrap
Enfolded Shawlette is a top down wrap which showcases the beauty of tonal yarns. Beginning with stockinette stitch, the shawl develops into a striking, yet simple, lace pattern. This shawlette’s unique shape is loosely based on the traditional Faroese style shawl.
Knitting: Shawl / Wrap
Dansur is a lace shawl based upon the shaping of traditional Faroese shawls. The shawls of this region are known for their distinctive center back panel, which keeps the shawl in place, even when worn without a shawl pin. Dansur is named after the medieval Faroese folk dances, which exist only in the Faroe Islands. The circular and chain shapes ...
Knitting: Scarf, Shawl / Wrap, Hats - Other
With a cable pattern that is both beautiful and easy to knit, the Medallions Hooded Scarf is a flexible and fun project. Starting with a provisional cast on at the center of the scarf, this pattern begins wide, but narrows gradually towards the ends. The graceful curves of the side motifs coordinate with the medallion cable with bobbles. A bit o...
Knitting: Throw, Baby Blanket
This cheerful blanket was designed to be a quick to knit project using bold, bright colors in a bulky weight yarn. The series of concentric squares uses four colors of various widths to add interest. Many color combinations will work for this pattern, from whimsical to traditional! And, although it was designed with babies in mind, several teste...
Knitting: Electronics Cozy, Glasses Case
Small projects are perfect for trying out new techniques, and this set uses two - felting and mosaic knitting. Both are quite simple, but lots of fun to try! This pattern contains written instructions with charts showing the mosaic colorwork pattern. Instructions for all three projects are included.
Knitting: Doily, Hanging Ornament
Trillium is a triangular doily with optional beading. It may also be used as a hanging ornament if desired. This doily’s unusual triangular shape is based on the trillium flower. Because of its small size, it is quick to knit even though it’s beaded and lacy. Trillium is an intermediate pattern which is knit in the round with two different decre...
Knitting: Shawl / Wrap, Tablecloth, Doily, Table Setting - Other
The Collinwood Collection is a group of delicate lace projects, each of which will lend a touch of elegance to your home or wardrobe. Patterns for the small doily, the large doily with an option for two different centers, the table centerpiece, and the circular shawl or tablecloth are all included. This ebook includes 27 pages of written and cha...
Knitting: Electronics Cozy
Inclination is a small cozy to help you protect and carry your e-reader or small netbook or tablet. Though it’s a relatively quick project, it includes interesting techniques. Designed for tonal yarns which felt, Inclination uses pooling to create a strong diagonal line. The project is knit in the round, and the color changes in the yarn a...
Knitting: Scarf, Shawl / Wrap
Cabriole Cable & Lace Scarf intermingles cables with lace in a combination of textures that creates an open and intricate pattern. Although Cabriole appears complex, there is only one cable stitch, and the main lace pattern is identical on each right side row. The scarf, which could be easily extended into a wrap or shawl, is begun with a pr...
Knitting: Doily, Hanging Ornament
Christmas in the south may not bring snow flurries, but we do have a flurry of activity! This quick project would be a great addition to your winter decorations. Why not give some snow flurries as a gift or use them to decorate your packages?
Knitting: Collar
The Peter Pan Lace Collar is a fashionable addition to a simple dress or blouse. Knit flat from the center front to the back, the two halves of the collar are joined in the back by the Kitchener Stitch.
Knitting: Shawl / Wrap
Glissade is a delicate lace shawlette designed for yarns with long color transitions. Knitted from the top down in fingering weight yarn, Glissade begins with a simple lace pattern with strong vertical lines, and is finished off with a graceful scalloped edging.
Knitting: Shawl / Wrap
Those men, with their slicked back hair, soiling our beautiful parlor with unsightly stains on the wingback chairs! What we need is some protection - in lace, of course! With invention born of this necessity, the antimacassar was developed. Antimacassars once were seen in many a lady’s parlor, as both decoration and protection for the back...
Knitting: Coaster, Doily
The poinsettia is a plant that seems to shout for attention. Leaves of vivid red and green surround clusters of tiny yellow flowers, an echo of the bright colors of the holiday season. Here is a poinsettia that you can create yourself, one that will last long after the holiday plants fade. Poinsettia can be used in many ways - to adorn a table f...
Knitting: Purse
A unique design for its combination of shape, felting, and pooling techniques, Triangulaire is a purse designed for worsted weight wool yarns. Beginning with the base triangle, the pattern moves on to tubular sides before repeating with more triangles for its flap and straps. Triangulaire is an excellent first pattern to learn the color pooling ...
Knitting: Shawl / Wrap
This pattern is now for sale at Knit Picks: Assemblé, a Shawl in Two Sizes.
Knitting: Washcloth / Dishcloth, Doily
Some doilies are easier to knit than others, but this one may be the simplest of all! Using just three different stitches (knit, yarn over, and knit two together), you can make a lace doily or dishcloth in no time! This pattern is quicker than most, in part because there is no bindoff. Promenade is knitted from the outside inward. It’s per...
Knitting: Doily
Sunflower is a medium sized doily with a beaded center. This pattern was designed for yarns with long color changes, but looks great in solid colors too. Sunflower has ten petals, like the flower for which it is named.
Knitting: Doily
Tulipe is a small to medium sized doily with elements from the Estonian lace knitting tradition. The nupps echo the yarn over pattern, creating graceful V shaped lines near the edge of this round doily.
Knitting: Doily
Petite Rose Hand Dyed Doily is a small lace project that includes direction for custom dyeing. Express your creativity with this quick, artistic project!
Knitting: Doily, Hanging Ornament, Decorative - Other
This snowflake won’t melt, even here in the Florida heat! Snowy is a fast project, and would look great decorating your tree or adorning a holiday gift. Make several in various weights of yarn using different needle sizes and scatter about for a festive look.
Knitting: Doily
This trio of small doilies is fun and quick to knit using fingering weight yarn. All three use easy lace patterns, and are knitted in the round from the center outwards. Rondeau is the simplest, and makes a great first lace project. Try a knitted picot bind off with Polonaise or a crochet bind off with Quadrille. Instructions are included for th...
Knitting: Beret, Tam, Hats - Other
Do you love doilies, but don’t know where to put them all?
Knitting: Cozy - Other
Penché is a lace wine bottle covering that is perfect for gift giving. It uses little yarn, but makes a big statement. It is knitted in the round, using double pointed needles, but may be adapted to magic loop. This pattern includes written instructions and photos. There are also instructions for how to make an I-cord, and how to use the wrap an...
Knitting: Doily
Quadrille is a lace doily for experienced beginner to intermediate knitters, using basic stitches in a repetitive pattern. You should be familiar with knitting in the round, the yarn over, and decreases before you start this pattern. Both written instructions and a chart are included in this pattern.
Knitting: Animal Toy
Stripy Bear is a teddy bear toy designed for self-striping,
Knitting: Doily
Polonaise is a doily for experienced beginner to intermediate knitters, using basic stitches in a repetitive pattern. This project takes little time, and uses under 50 yards of yarn or thread. It is knitted with double pointed needles.
Knitting: Coaster, Doily
Rondeau is a quick and easy lace doily knitted in the round for experienced beginner to intermediate knitters, using basic stitches in a repetitive pattern. This project takes a tiny bit of time, and uses only a small amount of yarn or thread to knit. Because Rondeau is knitted in the round, double pointed needles must be used for the first part...
Knitting: Poncho
This pattern is for a lace ponchette using fingering or sport yarn. It is knitted in the round, so there is no sewing involved. There are guidelines for optional beading.
Crochet: Animal Toy
This free pattern is for an adorable amigurumi style felted sheep. The gauge is not important for this pattern, though you should crochet loosely for the felting to look nice. You will need two colors of a wool yarn that are not called “washable.” You will need almost a full skein for the main color, and less than a quarter skein of ...
Knitting: Purse
Tiny Bit Wild Purse is perfect for beginning knitters - one step up from a plain scarf!